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They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love

By: Noelle Beans

Emily Miller

Perform well in nursing school. Work in Residence Life (aka run an entire women’s dorm). Maintain relationships. Figure out where the Lord is calling you. These were challenges that Emily Miller, a 2017 Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) graduate, conquered.

But her initial battle came in deciding where to go to college. Her brother attended IWU, and she didn’t want to just follow in his footsteps.

After a campus visit to IWU, the Christ-centered atmosphere and the great nursing program made it clear to her that IWU was where she was supposed to be.

Throughout college, her schedule was packed. Miller’s job in ResLife ultimately blessed her as she got to meet so many people and spend time with all of them.

She was faced with more challenges from the Lord; therefore, she grew deeper with Him through His teaching and the people who poured into her.

Now, Miller is living and working in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at Spectrum Health at the Meijer Heart Center.

She said, “I work on a Cardiothoracic Progressive Care Unit, and I love it!”

Miller was the ARD of Martin Hall. This is Emily with her RD, Sarah.

She explained that the part she loves most about her job is that she gets to care for people in a difficult and sometimes very vulnerable time of their life.

“God has given me opportunities to pray with patients and encourage them with truth,” she said.

Her prayer every day on her way to work is that her patients would see that this is not just a job for her, but a way that she gets to show them the love of Jesus by the way that she cares for them.

She admits that it is a stressful and demanding job and there are some tough days, but she realizes that she can only continue to have patience and compassion for others with the strength that comes from the Lord.







Written by Noelle Beans, a writer for the IWU Alumni Center. Noelle is a sophomore Nursing and Honors Humanities double major at Indiana Wesleyan University in the John Wesley Honors College from Greenville, Illinois.

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Lathan Fritz

By: Emily Lehner

Lathan Fritz chose Indiana Wesleyan over two other schools. Indiana Wesleyan was a place of family (Fritz had an older cousin that attended IWU) and a place of educational opportunity. The business program drew him near and cultivated his interest in IWU. Fritz said, “I thought the facilities at IWU were awesome, and after visiting other schools, the environment I clicked most with was Indiana Wesleyan.”

Fritz began his college journey in the fall of 2006, graduating in three years. During his time there, he prospered under IWU’s dedicated and compassionate professors. “I have to say that the professors were probably the best part of my time at Indiana Wesleyan, besides the life-long friends that I met,” Fritz said. He built relationships with professors like Dr. Rojas and Wilbur Williams, and these relationships allowed Fritz to prosper in college, teaching him key communication skills.


Lathan & Haley Fritz Photo obtained from Facebook

Not only was college a time for Fritz to meet professors and friends, but it was a place for Fritz to meet his future wife, who is now Haley Fritz. At IWU, Fritz also ran track and field for a year, but then decided to pursue leadership in Residence Life, specifically in Scripture Hall. Along with the business program at IWU, Fritz’s leadership in Scripture Hall influenced his post-college career greatly. These moments with his peers allowed him to grow spiritually as well.

Originally, Fritz’s goal was to attend law school after his time at IWU, so he decided to graduate in three years to save money for law school. He said, “I took some extra courses, CLEP’ed out of things and tried to focus on being involved in my dorm life and my studies.”

After graduation, Fritz attended Indiana University Maurer School of Law.

The leader characteristics that Fritz gained and developed during his time at IWU paid off, as now he has two businesses of his own. He owns a medical digital marketing company, which he said is small, but employs 12 full-time employees. Check out more about Millennial Tech Services here.

Fritz also owns a currency trading and siding company called Faux Direct. Fritz’s exemplary leadership in the classroom and dorm life at IWU transitioned into a highly successful business career, and he stated, “I am sort of an entrepreneur on decaf.”

Fritz enjoyed his time at IWU so much that he stated, “Whenever my children get to the age of looking for college, I will probably recommend IWU over and over.”



Written by Emily Lehner, writer for the Alumni Center and a junior Writing major at IWU. She is active on the cross country and track teams. She is passionate about using her writing skills to share the good news of Christ with others and writes often on her personal blog at www.emilylehner.wordpress.com.