Lakeview School Hires IWU ALUMNI

Lakeview Christian School – Hires New Employees – IWU ALUMNI

Lakeview Christian school has new faculty members for the 2006-07 school year.

Jennie Martin comes from Indiana Wesleyan University. She is a recent graduate and with a degree in physical education. Her colleagues speak very highly of her dedication and devotion to building exemplary relationships and life skills in her students. Martin is teaching physical education and health. She also will be coaching.

Rebecca Swartz is the new high school math teacher. Mrs. Swartz is a graduate of IWU with degrees and certification in high school math. She is a world traveler, having spent time in the Czech Republic, England, Mexico and Bolivia. Missions are a big part of her life. Swartz enjoys singing and academic pursuits.

Jim Vermilya comes from Colorado where he served with Kingdom Building Ministries. Vermilya is a graduate of IWU and holds a bachelor’s degree in christian ministries and a master’s in missions. He is a gifted speaker and writer. He will be teaching Bible 10 and 12 this fall and also will be working with the Praise Team and small group leadership training. Mr. Vermilya’s wife, Emily, is the new worship arts director at College Wesleyan Church. Their children, Silas and Aynsley, will be attending Lakeview Christian.

Our veteran teachers are to be commended for their commitment as well. They view teaching as a ministry and calling of God and continually seek to grow in knowledge and building relationships with their students. They are unified in keeping the vision and mission of serving the whole student as a priority. Each one volunteers time to sponsor academic clubs and participate in extra-curricular activities with the goal of standing together to provide the best opportunities for their students. More than half of our faculty has earned master’s degrees in education, and several are working toward graduate degrees. All faculty members maintain certification with not only the Indiana State Department of Education, but the Association of Christian Schools International.

Originally published September 9, 2006 – Chronicle Tribune

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