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Townsend featured speaker at Day of Healing

WABASH, Ind.-The Wabash Friends Counseling Center is scheduled to present its 14th annual Day of Healing, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Oct 28 at the Honeywell Center in Wabash.

Dubbed, A Personal Growth Conference, this year’s Day of Healing is scheduled to feature Dr. John Townsend, a licensed psychologist and nationallyacclaimed author and speaker. Townsend will provide a roadmap for navigating through tough times during his morning and afternoon keynote addresses.

“Life has a way of taking us where we never expected to go,” said Townsend. “We encounter struggles and forks in the road in all sorts of areas of life: relationships, marriage, dating, parenting, work, bad habits, losses, and even in our health.”

He noted that “people often wonder where God is in these circumstances, and how He can be leading them through a difficult situation.”

Townsend also will host an afternoon workshop designed for business leaders and church leaders, where he will discuss principles of leadership based on what is inside a person, emotionally and spiritually, rather than on outward success.

Facing a “fork” in the road of life is a reality that Marion-area businessman Darren Campbell knows all-too-well. Four years ago, Campbell was the youth minister at a successful, growing church in south Marion, Ind. His youth program had grown into new areas, reaching out to more teens. He had even led a successful building campaign that resulted in a new youth ministry center.

And then, after seven years, Campbell realized he was experiencing burnout-an unexpected curve in the road. That fork in Campbell‘s life led him away from full-time youth ministry for one year. During that year he devoted himself entirely to the family business, Tree of Life Bookstore, 3700 S. Western Ave. (SR 9), Marion, and to soul searching.

Business had always been an integral part of Campbell‘s life and personal interest. He graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 1995 with a double major in business/marketing, but it wasn’t until after graduation that he felt God leading him into youth ministry. Campbell was obedient to that call on his life and began ministry at the church in south Marion.

“The whole time I was at the church,” he said, “I never felt I was good enough. I went back to school and got the credentials. I got ordained. I started the master’s program in religion at IWU. But, I never felt satisfied. I never felt that I was legitimate. I always wanted people to think of me as a pastor and not as a businessperson.”

After the one-year sabbatical he took from full-time ministry, Campbell came to an important realization-he didn’t have to strive anymore. During that sabbatical, he got in touch with Guy Pfanz, a Muncie-area pastor/entrepreneur, who mentored him, demonstrating that business and ministry could go hand-in-hand in a person’s life.

What looked like a detour in Campbell‘s life some four years ago led to the opening of the Exit 59 church, just east of Gas City, which he has now pastored for two years.

“It’s a very laid back, organic sort of church,” said Campbell. “We believe that the Great Commission is for everyone, so although I am a professional pastor, it’s not about what is happening on the stage on Sunday morning. We are a lay-driven church. I don’t have to work myself to death like I used to,” he notes. “I don’t have to prove myself like I used to because I believe God wants it more than I do.”

The Day of Healing has also been a part of Campbell‘s journey.

“We are all called to be involved in the ministry of reconciliation, the ministry of restoration,” explained Campbell. “The Day of Healing is all a part of that process.”

For information or to register, call (260) 563-8452 or (877) 350- 1658; e-mail scott@wabashfriends. org; or visit wabashfriendscounseling. com.

The Day of Healing has been approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors for 5.0 continuing education hours.

SOURCE: http://www.frostillustrated.com/news/2006/1018/Spiritual_Matters/044.html

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