Caroline Poland ’10

In January, Ms. Caroline Poland ’10 (Mental Health Counseling) was invited to travel to Cuenca, Ecuador to present a series of lectures at the University of Azuay. This was the first accredited University in Ecuador, and is the “academic capital” of the country. While there, she conducted seminars and discussion groups with professors and graduate students from the University, as well as physicians and counselors from the community.  While there, Ms. Poland lectured on the following topics:


1.     Wellness, Resiliency, and Job Burnout


2.     Work Life Balance with Mental Health as a Focus


3.     Wellness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a Way to Decrease Depression & Suicide


4.     Dealing with Depression & Suicide in Students


Ecuador is many years behind the United States in the development of Mental Health services, so it was an excellent time of discussions with those in the field.  The professionals we met are eager to learn, and accepting of any resources they can get. Ms. Poland has been personally invited back to speak and teach by the President of the University, and is already planning her next trip.


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