Alumni World Changers 2014

Today, March 24, 2014, two more alumni received the distinction of Alumni World Changers. Alumni World Changers are Marion College or Indiana Wesleyan University Alumni who have made a difference and have helped to shape their part of the world. They are people to whom current students can look up to as students prepare to go out and become world changers themselves. This year’s inductees were Dr. Howard Noggle and Doris Wall.

Dr. Howard Noggle enrolled as a student at Marion College in 1936. He was the son of one of the founding members of the school. Upon enrolling as a student, Howard would never leave the college. After graduation, he began a career that would last 64 years and through five College Presidents. He worked his way up from Field Representative to Director of Alumni Relations to Director of Church Relations to Special Assistant to the President, earning himself the nickname Mr. Marion College. On June 30, 2004, Howard Noggle retired as an employee, yet continued to promote the school. Sadly, Dr. Noggle passed away on June 11, 2007, at the age of 88.
Doris Wall graduated from Marion College in 1974. She then worked for 40 years as a Global Partners missionary in Guyana—a small South American country. During her time there, Doris served as a nurse and midwife for the Patamuna and Akawaio people. She delivered hundreds of babies, some of whom grew up to become nurses, teachers and church leaders in Guyana. In the interior of the country, Doris established and taught a Bible school. Later on, she would coordinate the revision of the Patamuna New Testament done by Patamuna mother tongue translators that was completed in 2011. Doris Wall spoke to the IWU student body during the chapel service honoring the inductees. She encouraged the students to remember that true happiness comes by following God’s plan; He will provide and direct us in the way we should go.
Inductees are honored by a plaque at the entrance of the Jackson Library.



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