Newest Residential #IWUGrad Receive Fond Farewells

The Residential Class of 2014 celebrates together for a final class dinner hosted by the IWU Alumni Association. The dinner included giveaway items, prayers, Friday Night Live (FNL) video flashback, President Dr. David Wright speaking and a closing prayer by Millie Troyer, Alumni Director Emeritus. Keith Newman, CEO Residential Education, Executive Vice President also added comments and offered his best wishes.
Dr. Jim “Umfundisi” Lo, Dean of the Chapel at IWU offered an opening prayer for the student body;


Dear Father, I thank you for these, whom we love, who will be graduating in a few days. I pray that you will continue to give them direction, purpose, and perseverance as they enter the next phase of life.
Today is like numerous other days. The sun came up over the horizon and in a few hours, will hide itself as the moon makes its appearance. People were born. There were individuals who laughed, cried, worked, studied and even passed on. Today, as “chronos” time, is as it has been ever since You gave it its beginning and it will be as it is until it comes to an end by Your command.
But today is also full of freshness and newness; like no other day in history. Today is “kairos”; time which is full of wonderful opportunities. Today is, for these students who will be graduating, a passage from one adventure to another. Kairos is a wonderful gift which you offer to each one of us. Therefore, help each of us to comprehend the wonder of this gift and then seek to take hold of it.
Today we pray for all these who have completed their studies. Because of this, they now have a new “kairos” that awaits them. Firstly, I offer thanks to You, O Lord for helping them to be successful as they journeyed here at IWU. What a great accomplishment for them to reach this milestone of graduation.
I want to also take a few moments praying for their tomorrow. Praying for these soon to be graduates as they will be entering another door to another context and perhaps, even another culture. As you have led them in past days, please Lord, continue to guide them into the future. Give them clearness of mind to move forward into the plans and purposes that You have for them. I pray that they will have the boldness to stand up for what is right wherever they are “planted”. Give them wisdom to live their lives wisely, in ways that will glorify You.
I pray the words of scripture over them: “Bless them indeed. Expand their territory. Let Your hand be with them.
Grant them success for their efforts at every turn and guide their feet to follow Your ways. May they be eager to do good and not evil all the days of their lives. May they always sense Your smile of pleasure upon them. In Jesus’ Name I pray this prayer, amen.

Dr. Wright offered words of encouragement by reminding the students to look for the “beacons” in their lives that would help to provide direction and hope in their future. He encouraged them that the relationships at IWU are some of those beacons. He encouraged them to stay connected.

Millie Troyer shared a prayer with the students at the end of the event.

Graduation will be held at the Chapel-Auditorium on Saturday, April 26th.

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