Nathanael and Nicole Sommers’ Ministry – World Gospel Mission

While Nathanael was single and attending Indiana Wesleyan University, he had made contact with WGM because he had felt God calling him to do soccer ministry. Not foreseeing he would find the most amazing and perfect girl, he continued to pursue WGM, while also keeping in mind this incredible girl. When he realized she too loved soccer, wanted to work in cross-cultural ministry outside the US, and had incredible compassion, he couldn’t let her go. Less than a year after graduation, they got married. Nicole manages an adult soccer league in Carmel, Indiana, and Nathanael is the women’s soccer coach at Oak Hill High School near Converse, Indiana.

As they pursued missions, God took them on a crazy ride as they were led to Spain to do soccer ministry. Amidst the fundraising, God has now led them to do ministry in McAllen, Texas, on the U.S./Mexico border.

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