unWorking – New Book by Clark Vandeventer

Clark and his family  IWU Grad Clark Vandeventer  ’02 is proof that lifestyle design is possible. He came from nothing, didn’t go to an Ivy League school, and never made a million dollars. By the time he was in his late 20s, though, he’d achieved a pretty amazing life for himself and his family. Then, at the age of 30, he put it all on the line and mounted a campaign for Congress. He lost, and two months later he found himself living in his in-laws garage. Rather than dusting himself off and getting back in the game, Clark used his time in the garage to re-think everything, exit the rat race, and build an epic life on his own terms. unWorking is a guide to lifestyle design in the emerging already here world. It’s also a darn good story, one of epic proportions, just like yours can be.

Check out his new book, Unworking: Prologue.

Introduction: I handed in my resignation letter the first week of 2008, just as the early birth pangs of the Great Recession were being felt. A year later, not much had gone as planned. I had quit my job to buy a cafe in Santa Barbara, California, where we were living, but after months of negotiations, the cafe was sold to a different buyer.

I didn’t have a backup plan in the event the cafe didn’t work out. I scrambled and began trying to build a consulting business. In six months, we were out of money and for a few months my in-laws kept us afloat. Within about eight months, though, things were coming together and I was making pretty good money as a consultant. 

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