Pastor of the Week: David Anderson, Fountain City Wesleyan Church

By: Rick Carder and Mia Anderson

Reverend David Anderson is recognized as the “Pastor of the Week” this week. “Pastor of the Week” is a renewed tradition honored by the Office of Alumni and Church Engagement which appreciates local pastors for their service and faith.

Anderson has pastored at Fountain City Wesleyan Church for over 30 years, and is loved by his congregation as a teacher who is approachable and wise. He received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Indiana University – Purdue in 1979 and graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in 1984. David and his wife, Jill Boone-Anderson (’80, Marion College – now IWU), have been married for 36 years and have two grown daughters, Gretchen and Kirsten.

Anderson loves to travel and experience new cultures. One of his passions is pursuing the perfect cup of coffee (results so far: taste – an Ethiopian coffee shop in Kansas City; ambiance – Venice’s San Marco Piazza). His favorite times of the day are mornings with the Lord and evenings with his wife, sipping his latest attempt at the perfect cup of coffee. 

Anderson recalls how he eventually was able to meet his wife. She was involved in an organization at Marion College. Their paths crossed when David said to a friend of his, “Who is that young lady over there? I’d like to meet her.” His wife recalled this moment as well, when seemingly out of the blue she met this stranger. She would eventually marry him and join together in ministry in the local church with him.

This past weekend, Fountain City Wesleyan Church hosted IWU’s One Voice. One Voice is a worship team composed of University Chorale singers who offer a, “contemporary, cutting-edge musical experience.” The service was led by IWU alumni John Whirledge worship arts director at FCWC. Several alumni are on staff including: Steve Bray (executive pastor), Scott Ferguson (The Well campus pastor) and Jacob Gibson (student ministry pastor). 

In conversations with church attendees and members I heard great compliments about Pastor Dave:

“He is the best friend a guy could ever have.”

“He remembers everyone, making everyone feel special.”

“He is genuine!”

“He cares and loves everyone!”

“He makes sure everyone is cared for.”

“Our pastor is amazing!”

“He is wonderful! Let me tell you some reasons why: he is unassuming, approachable, and humble. He puts others ahead of himself, he prays with you about your needs right on the spot and doesn’t just say, ‘I’ll pray for you’. and mostly he demonstrates his love to us when he chooses to park in the back of the parking lot instead of insisting he have his own parking space.”

It’s evident by these comments as well as many others that Anderson is loved by the people in his church. Anderson truly deserves the title of “Pastor of the Week” for his ministry that has touched the lives of countless individuals. Congratulations, Pastor Dave! 


Written by Rick Carder, Director of Alumni and Church Development.

Co-Written by Mia Anderson, Blog and Social Media Manager, Storyteller for the Alumni Office. Mia is a Senior at IWU studying Strategic Communication with her concentration in Public Relations. She will be getting married and moving to Indianapolis after she graduates in December 2016! Mia loves hearing others’ stories and sharing them with the world. Visit her personal website at

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  1. We met Pastor Dave through his wife, Jill, and have been blessed by both of them. They truly do show the love of Jesus to each person they can reach. God bless them richly.

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