Stevan Sheets: Technology and Ministry

Stevan Sheets is the pastor of leadership development at Hyde Wesleyan Church in Pennsylvania. He works to train other pastors within the church to lead in specific ministries.


Sheets says he fell in love with IWU’s campus while attending Summer Honors Program there in high school. “I am even more in love with the campus and I don’t even have any interaction there anymore,” admitted Sheets. He believes that IWU confirmed his call to full-time ministry. “Ever since my time at IWU, I have continued to transition and transform and experience that call in new and different ways,” he said. While he doesn’t discount the classroom learning, he says it was necessary and crucial to his knowledge of ministry, he especially felt he benefitted from the hands-on activities Indiana Wesleyan provided for him.


Previously being part of a radio show and blogging, Sheets is very technologically savvy. He keeps his own website where he occasionally posts his thoughts and ideas. His knowledge on technology has given him the ability to be in charge of the social media of General Conference this year.

Stevan Sheets









He will be live tweeting updates during the conference, so be sure to check it out on Twitter at @WesleyanChurch.


Written by Emily Lehner, a writer for the Alumni Center and a sophomore Writing major at IWU. She is active on the cross country and track teams. She is passionate about using her writing skills to share the good news of Christ with others and writes often on her personal blog at




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