“Insuring that the Message of Grace is Delivered”: Elder Rev. Charles T. Moorer, Jr. – Pastor of the Week

By: Rick Carder

Rev. Moorer and his wife.
Rev. Moorer and his wife.

Many say that inspiring stories are the only thing that carries them through their day. Adversity is a daily challenge for people, and Rev. Charles Moorer, Jr. is providing inspiring stories and messages through his ministry. Moorer is the Lead Pastor at Divine Direction Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. According to the church website, his ministry and church “…stands firm on the Word of God and its principles for everyday living, worship, and communion with God. Over the 13-plus years, I (Moorer) and my family have had the honor and privilege to serve the members of Divine Direction Christian Church and the Near Eastside community.”

Rev Moorer has seen his share of opportunities while ministering in this congregation. He remembers what his mother said years prior, and its helps when he feels opposition. She said, “You were created to serve Him.” At first, resisting the call to ministry, and through the intervention of spiritual leaders who spoke prophecy over him, and even through much prayer and fasting, Moorer came to realize that this local ministry is where he belongs. “We are now marching together” he says about serving their community.

The ministry touches the lives of people who have physical as well as spiritual needs. The ministry recently provided food for families in need. “The line of people stretched out the church doors and around the parking lot,” said Moorer in a recent conversation. Their ministry is trying to make a difference where it matters most. The local church ministry provides transportation and meals in a ministry called “Feed My Sheep Ministry”, as well as a Thanksgiving Dinner for the community. This year’s outreach was able to provide food for over 200 families. “What we need are people who will join us by volunteering in serving alongside us. We need people from The Wesleyan Church, as well as other ministries, to join us in our eastside neighborhood church.”

It is through the generosity of a nearby neighbor that Moorer’s church has been able to have community ministries in an open field. Pastor Moorer recalls bringing a ministry in from Missouri to provide many opportunities to serve the local people. Moorer also inspires lives through his weekly teaching and preaching. His ministry extends to his fellowship of believers as well as providing evangelism opportunities. His inspiring messages can be found at SermonPC.

Moorer has exceptional talents that he uses to not only meet with needs of people in his congregation but also having served as an educator with IWU since 2009. Through his business, Solace Risk Management, Moorer is able to provide property and casualty services as well as claims advocacy and management consulting. His bi-vocational role is an example of someone who loves to serve and intentionally finds resources to meet the needs of people. Much of his personal wealth goes into the ministry he serves to help people. He is insuring that the message of grace is delivered to people whose needs exceed their resources. He says that being in the marketplace is a great opportunity for sharing with others about the grace of God, in Christ.

bookIn a recent release of his book, “Giving up Is Not an Option”, Moorer shares “an inspiring true story of heartbreak, hard times, and triumph over life’s adversities.” (book cover)

How many times have you gone through so much pain, uncertainty, and confusion that you were sure the punishment was something that you deserved? You know that the world isn’t always fair, but perhaps you’ve had what seems to be more than your share of bad luck? Where is the “light” at the end of the tunnel? Difficult situations are a part of everyone’s life. We have all been there at one point or another. Stuck in a situation that we cannot even begin to comprehend. Wondering why things go wrong, even when we’ve convinced ourselves we’ve made all the “right” choices. If this sounds like you, know that you’re not the first to wonder. Nor are you the first to experience what can sometimes be a severe blow to your faith. In times such as these, it’s easy to question, easy to stop believing even. But where there is darkness, there must also be light. – From Amazon.

Moorer shares an honest account from his personal life and the lives of his family encouraging and inspiring his readers to not give up but to realize the hope we have in God. According to Rick Carder, “It is a must-read! I have purchased the book and read it. I found that by him sharing his vulnerabilities from his own family, it reveals how faithful God is when we face adversity. I found that I could not put the book down and read it in one sitting, because it was a powerful example of a modern-day story of Job.”

Moorer writes, “I wanted to throw in the towel but God would throw it right back to me,” testifying of how God walked with him.

Moorer shared his favorite biblical passages. Putting these verses in his own words he said the following verses provides rich insights:

Psalm 46 tells us that He is our ever present help in times of trouble!

Heb 13:5 says that He will never leave you or forsake you.

Romans 8:31 says, who shall separate us…not adversity.

Moorer’s church website references Romans 10:14-15;

Rev. Moorer and his family

But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!

The Moorer’s have two children that have been a part of the IWU community. His daughter is a recent graduate who works for her father’s business and his son is currently attending IWU. Both of his children were involved in the Music Department. He is married to Crystal.

His family is very musical. Moorer is just about to release a music album that will be available on iTunes in the coming days. It was produced with his family as well as IWU’s Professor and Director of the IWU Jazz Band, Todd Williams. His music has been played on over 200 radio stations across the country, and he has several interviews that are upcoming with opportunities to share his story and his music. You can find his music on iTunes by searching for Charles Moorer and the Faithful Few.

Divine Direction is on the web at www.divinedirectioncc.org.

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