Global Partners: Phil Gormong

By: Dezaray Barr

Phil Gormong
Phil Gormong

Phil Gormong graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2005 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Biblical Literature. “My time at IWU was so significant, he shared. “I built strong friendships, several of which have lasted through the years.  I received a solid education, which has helped shape my thinking, philosophy and practice. I met my wife there, and God used that environment in a powerful way to shape my character and spur on life-transforming growth in Him.”

Since graduating, Gormong has obtained an Masters in Divinity from Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, MS, served a two-year missionary term in Russia with his family and served as a pastor of a local Wesleyan church in Indiana for four years.

Now, Gormong works as a Mobilizer for Global Partners. “God used my time at IWU to shape my character and instill values and practices in my life which I have carried with me,” Gormong said. “Being exposed to and developing deep relationships has been so beneficial as I continue to invest in relationship building in my current capacity.”

Phil Gormong and his family

“One of the biggest factors that I was immediately exposed to at IWU was that there were people (peers) that genuinely loved Jesus and were authentic in their faith, and this reality deeply impacted me,” Gormong said. “God used that to spur me on in my own relationship with Him. God used my time there to deepen my walk with Him, as well as, prepare my heart to receive a call into ministry.”

Gormong would advise IWU students to, “Fully invest and engage in the on-campus opportunities. Be intentional about building relationships, even if it stretches you. Engage in the spiritual growth opportunities, and be open (and expect) God to meet you and work in your life. Begin to set life-long rhythms and practices that reflect God’s desire for your life.”



Written by Dezaray Barr, PR Specialist for the Alumni Office. Dezaray is a junior Strategic Communication and Honors Humanities double major at Indiana Wesleyan University in the John Wesley Honors College. At IWU, Dezaray runs both the JWHC Blog and her own blog. Visit Dez’s website at


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