Gwen Jackson Releases Her First Book

Indiana Wesleyan University alumni, Gwen Jackson, released her first book recently. Below is a news release from Wesleyan Publishing House from November 1, 2017 about the book.



Expanding the times and ways to practice personal devotions is a permission author Gwen Jackson wants Christians to explore. In her first book, “Unforced Rhythms: Why Daily Devotions Aren’t For All of Us,” Jackson shares her journey from feeling defeated by daily devotions to learning how and when believers can connect with God. Jackson promotes connection over discipline.

The author recounts feeling plagued by failure and defeat as she strive to live up to spiritual expectations and forced practices that felt legalistic and lacking. Unforced Rhythms offers a life-giving perspective that gives freedom to believers to engage with God according to their natural Life Rhythm.

Gwen Jackson

Jackson notes that while there is a daily Life Rhythm, not everyone lives life to the beat of daily. Others may discover they live life to the beat of a weekly/ monthly rhythm, or a seasonal/ yearly rhythm. Attempting to connect with God outside of one’s Life Rhythm produces false guilt and condemnation, keeping the believer stuck in chronic defeat. Readers will find relief as they begin to understand the uniqueness of their own Life Rhythm, a discovery that will give grace and permission to engage with God in a way that comes natural to them.

Jackson, ordained in The Wesleyan Church, holds a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education from Indiana Wesleyan University. She has served with her husband, Dennis, for more than 30 years in spiritual formation coaching, teaching and mentoring. The Jackson’s have served in local church ministry and as missionaries with Global Partners in 11 European countries. Jackson received Advance Leadership Training through the Freedom in Christ Ministries under the teaching of Dr. Neil Anderson and was involved in the launch and implementation of a Freedom Ministry within the local church setting.

“Spiritual formation is my passion,” Jackson said. “There’s nothing I would rather do than come alongside others to find freedom in living the abundant life Jesus promised.”

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