President of the Alumni Association: Luke Singer

By: Noelle Beans

Luke Singer graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2014 with a double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship. As a kid, he dreamed of both becoming a farmer and attending a Big 10 school. His dream of becoming a farmer dissipated over the years, while his love for agriculture has remained. His dream of attending a Big 10 school dissipated when he walked onto IWU’s campus.

Visits to Big 10 schools just didn’t feel right to Singer. Around the same time, he had a family friend tell him to go and visit Indiana Wesleyan University, so he and his parents made the long trip down from Chicago. Singer said, “The admissions team wanted to pray with me and the professors talked about helping me find my God-given calling in the work I wanted to do. But most of all, at the core of every conversation it was not about a mascot or a sports team or even academics it was about Christ and finding what my role in [the] Kingdom looks like.” This blew him away and settled all his questions – he was attending IWU.

When Singer got to IWU, he realized he had become numb over the years. He grew up in an amazing Christian home, went to church and even attended a Christian school. His faith had become more of his cultural norm than the foundation of who he was or the purpose of his life. Through a series of people impacting Singer’s life, God tugging at his heart and a personally impactful night service of Spiritual Emphasis Week, Singer recommitted his life to Christ. After this point his faith became, as he puts it, “my own, my fire and my lifeblood.”

Today, Singer is an Engagement Manager at Heidrick & Struggles, the world’s premier leadership advisory firm. He spends his days strategically advising, assessing, and developing the most influential people and organizations across business, government, education and sports, with an emphasis in Global Media, Digital and Sports Practice. Outside of his day-to-day, Singer is part of a team that is launching a global church planting ministry with the goal of planting 1000 churches in the next 10 years.

When asked how Singer’s time at IWU has influenced and affected his life, he answered, “How has it not!” Singer coalesces his career and faith by being honest and open with his coworkers. When asked what he did over the weekend, he tells them he went to church, he carries his bible to work every day and places it on his desk, and he writes a verse at the top of his planner to meditate on each week. On the train to his office every day, his prayer is “Lord, set my heart on your ways and make me good soil so that the seeds of your Kingdom may grow.” More than defining his career path, the professors and mentors at IWU helped to shape his thinking around what roles he should pursue, how to pursue them and then how to succeed in them as a Christ-follower.

Fun facts about Singer include that Gordon Ramsey once baked him chocolate chip cookies, he’s had dinner with Carol Burnett and he’s played catch with Terry Bradshaw. His absolute favorite fact about himself is that he is married to “the most amazing woman.” He gushes that she is his rock and the best partner that God could have given him, making him a better man each and every day.

Singer urges students to graduate college, pursue their dreams and never lose them, but to focus on becoming “good soil.” God will use you if you let Him, and Singer iterates that sometimes we forget that He needs to prepare us before we go to battle.

In most recent news, Singer has been given the opportunity to serve as the President of the Alumni Association, and he looks forward to leading this incredible organization to represent the tens of thousands of alumni. He would like to let them know: “Our mission is to serve you! I want this group to be the conduit for alumni to know that IWU is and always will be a support for you throughout life. This is a family and that aspect is what drew me to this school and what keeps me coming back. Know that we as a board are actively praying for you and seeking out ways we can better serve you.”



Written by Noelle Beans, a writer for the Alumni Center. Noelle is a freshman Nursing and Honors Humanities double major at Indiana Wesleyan University in the John Wesley Honors College.

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