IWU Traditions: National & Global

The rich history of traditions at Indiana Wesleyan University are not limited to the IWU-Marion campus. IWU’s National & Global community has a flourishing history of traditions.

The very first tradition of N&G is its unique learning modality, formerly referred to as “cohorts.”

N&G, founded in 1985, allows working adults and other non-traditional students with unique scheduling needs to earn their college degree; N&G students enjoy the intimate learning setting that reflects their needs and allows courses to be completed in manageable yet concentrated periods. Students in these “cohorts” tend to form close relationships with their peers, in spite of the fact that they may never have met face-to-face! These deep connections became a tradition so strong, graduation ceremonies on the Marion campus would facilitate gatherings for cohorts to finally meet in person.

One of the IWU Education Centers (Ft. Wayne. IN)

The online-only segment is only a part of N&G. The regional education centers have their own traditions. Graduates of IWU’s RNBSN program describe a tradition that stems from their studies together that aligns with their vocation: the anointing of hands. Nurses who are already practicing professionals can earn their Bachelor of Nursing degree post-licensure. In the field of nursing, Registered Nurses use their hands to provide excellent, compassionate care, hence the anointing of hands during their graduation ceremony to symbolize how they have surrendered their work to serve God.

Indiana Wesleyan University’s traditional 4-year residential campus, online-only cohorts, hybrid, and in-person regional education centers serve a variety of student populations with unique paths to graduation. No matter the connection to IWU, students, faculty, and staff are eager to share about the customs, traditions, ceremonies, jokes and pranks, and times of devotions and worship that make being a part of the IWU community special. There is little doubt that if you earned a degree from IWU, worked for the University, or stepped foot on campus, you too have been a part of the rich history of traditions that IWU boasts.

N&G students celebrating graduation

This article was prepared with the help of Deedee Smith. Deedee is the Director of Regional Alumni Engagement For IWU National and Global. She has been with IWU for 12 years and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Deedee loves meeting new people in the capacity of her job and hearing their amazing stories.

Deedee Smith, Director of Regional Alumni Engagement | deedee.smith@indwes.edu

Written by Emily Bays, Student Blog Writer



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