A Legacy of Prayer

Thursday, April 13th, Dr. Jim “Umfundisi” Lo completed his 2,019th prayer walk on the IWU Marion campus. Dr. Lo began the discipline of prayer walking when he was a missionary in Africa. He began prayer walking Indiana Wesleyan’s campus 27 years ago as part of his role as the Dean of Ministry and continued to do so daily beginning with David Wright’s presidency.

During his prayer walks, Dr. Lo prays for school leaders as well as students, interceding for the needs the Lord has placed on his heart. He is often joined by staff, faculty, and students—walking and praying in harmony together.  One of Dr. Lo’s favorite memories is when his classes would prayer walk around campus asking for safe travels before the holidays. He also cherishes the memories of students joining him when he began his prayer walks bright and early at 3:30 am! Practicing this spiritual discipline with Dr. Lo has had a great impact on students; he often receives emails from alumni stating that they still participate in prayer walks after leaving IWU

Dr. Lo believes that lifting IWU up in prayer is what has allowed the university to become as blessed as it is and that serving a God of power and miracles is what sustains IWU spiritually. During his prayer walks,  Dr. Lo has learned that prayer is about building a relationship with God, although it is not always fun or convenient when the weather creates an obstacle…but God overcomes all obstacles! God calls us to never stop praying and the Lord helps shape us through this discipline.  If we are sensitive to God’s leading, He will tell us who or what we need to prayer for.  Seeing God at work as we pour out our petitions and praises to Him is its own reward.

Thank you, Dr. Lo, for modeling a life of authentic prayer.  


Written by Brooke Simmons, Alumni Association Student Assistant


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  1. Dr. Lo, it is so refreshing to see and hear of what your Prayer Walks have done and will continue to do for IWU. When there is so much wrong in this world of ours, it is most refreshing and encouraging to know that this is happening for good! May God continue to bless and encourage you as well as the university, its professors and its students!
    Lois Cole, class of 1954

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