Marion, IN (June 11, 2014) – What is this housing assistance program designed to retain an educated workforce in Grant County? How do local employers benefit? Grant for Grads is an initiative of the Grant County Economic Growth Council, administered by Affordable Housing & Community Development Corporation, to provide financial assistance to qualified graduates of universities, colleges, or technical schools who choose to live and work in Grant County.

As of April 2014, Grant for Grads has given 24 rental incentives and 32 down payment incentives to recent college graduates. Of the home purchases assisted, one home was a new construction and two were substantial home rehabilitations, which promotes Grant County’s residential climate. The program targets graduates of Indiana Wesleyan, Taylor University, Ivy Tech of Marion, and others who are currently employed or have accepted a full-time job offer in Grant County; however, the program has aided graduates of over 15 different universities, revealing that young professionals, from the area or new, are calling Grant County “home”.

“This is a great program! I am very impressed that Grant County is offering an incentive to prevent brain drain,” noted a 2012 Ball State graduate.

Grant for Grads offers Grant County home buyers up to $5,000 to cover the cost of down payments and/or closing costs. Individuals renting apartments or homes are offered a 20% reduction in monthly rent payments, benefitting renters up to $2,500. In addition to financial support, Grant for Grads provides fundamental homeowner education classes to further enrich the experience of living in Grant County.

“We love our new home, and you guys made it happen! Thank you for providing homeowner education,” expressed Tyler Shirley, a Grant for Grads recipient.

Local employers benefit from the educated workforce kept in Grant County; in addition, employers can attract young professionals by using Grant for Grads as a relocation perk. Through the Grant for Grads program, the Grant County Economic Growth Council and Affordable Housing Corporation are working together to make Grant County a better place to live, work, play, and stay.

For more information on the Grant for Grads program, visit the Growth Council’s website: Grant For Grads



IWU Hosts Transition to Nursing Informational Meeting

Indiana Wesleyan University’s Transition To Nursing (TTN) program is hosting an information session on Friday, July 25 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. in room 143 of Elder Hall on the main Marion campus.

TTN is an accelerated program offering anyone with a bachelor’s degree the chance to become a nurse in just 14 months. The classes equip students with a foundational education in nursing skills and dispositions, leadership and nursing research in the clinical setting. Graduates, who receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, could earn first-year salaries in the neighborhood of $50,000. The program can also prepare students for graduate education.

The information session will discuss admission criteria and the structure and organization of the program, and offer a look at the calendar and cost involved in getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. There will also be a short Q&A session and a tour of the facilities.

“The Transition to Nursing program at Indiana Wesleyan University provided me with the opportunity to shift my career focus into the nursing field while providing an accelerated, high quality, Christ-centered education,” said TTN graduate David Thrush.

For more information, contact Rita Duchane, TTN program assistant, at or 765-677-2431.

Transition To Nursing

Indiana Wesleyan University is an evangelical Christian comprehensive university of The Wesleyan Church. The University, founded in 1920, is committed to global liberal arts and professional education. Nearly 3,000 students are enrolled in traditional programs on the University’s main campus in Marion, Indiana. Nearly 12,500 adult learners attend classes at education centers in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, and online.


IWU to acquire programs from Laurel University.

In June 2013, Laurel University (formally John Wesley College, High Point, N.C) approached IWU with the offer for us to take over programs that specifically serve international students. These programs have a long history of offering courses in several Spanish speaking countries and in Haiti.

“From early conversations the mission fit was evident and the call to action was undeniable.” Says Dr. Brock Reiman, Vice President of Academic Affairs, College of Adult and Professional Studies (CAPS).

In addition to four current Laurel University employees, there are four degree programs that will come to us from Laurel, serving approximately 500 students. These programs are:

AA in Theological Studies
BA in Theological Studies
Master in Theological Studies
MEd in Christian Education

Dr. Wayne Schmidt, Vice President for the Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University says, “This is a very significant step forward for our University and The Wesleyan Church.” This, according to Dr. Paul Garverick, who worked alongside an outstanding team to develop this unique relationship and programs “…will be fully accredited under IWU’s Higher Learning Commission (HLC) umbrella and will be IWU degrees.” An interesting aspect to this new opportunity includes ministry training as well. Garverick comments that in The Wesleyan Church “they would qualify for Ordination and licensing courses, however the courses will need to be reviewed by Education and Clergy Development Office at Headquarters.”

As of July 1, these programs will become part of the College of Adult and Professional Studies at Indiana Wesleyan University. This acquisition is an historic event full of incredible possibilities and influence that we can only imagine. Please pray for a smooth transition for all these students as we introduce them to Indiana Wesleyan University!

On an additional note, Dr. Bob Brumley has accepted the position of Director, Division of Global Academic Programs (GAP) with IWU. In this role he will coordinate, with the other CAPS academic units, the delivery of degree programs in various international locations. Dr. Brumley will begin his duties on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at the Miami, Florida office. Dr. Brumley earned his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale in Educational Administration and Higher Education.

Dr. Bob Brumley comes to Indiana Wesleyan University with an extensive background in higher education, pastoral ministry and missions. Most recently, he served as the Dean of Education at Laurel University as well as the Director of Laurel’s International Division office in Miami, Florida.


School of Nursing Vice President named and the Ott Hall of Sciences and Nursing

Dr. Barbara Ihrke ’93 has been given a new title, Vice President of Academic Affairs for the School of Nursing. This change is reflective of the enormous success and growth the School of Nursing is experiencing under Dr. Ihrke’s leadership.

Dr. Ihrke has been with IWU since 1994 and assumed leadership of the School of Nursing in 2009. SON has seen significant growth under Dr. Ihrke’s leadership, with enrollment growth of 34% and the development and implementation of multiple new programs. In addition, Dr. Ihrke was instrumental in the planning of the Ott Science and Nursing building.

Dr. Ihrke holds a Doctorate from Purdue University with a focus on Curriculum & Instruction. International travel with students is a passion of Dr. Ihrke’s. She is a strong believer that modeling transcultural nursing, even though a challenge, permits students opportunities to understand cultural concepts. She has traveled with students to Dominican Republic, El Salvador, England, Guatemala, Ireland, Malawi, Nicaragua, Russia, Scotland and Yucatan.

She has also been instrumental in the development of the faculty/student exchange with Shenyang Medical College (School of Nursing). In addition, Barbara facilitated a team and academic affiliation with St. George’s University for Post-licensure nursing.

Ott Hall of Sciences and Nursing Naming

During the recent naming of the Ott Hall Sciences and Nursing Building, Dr. Ihrke shared from her perspective over the many years at IWU. “The commitment to high quality, patient-centered education for example BSN, MSN, DNP has not changed.” As she reminded the audience that in 1992 we had one small lab with four beds, the expansion of the new building now includes a large lab with multiple rooms, larger than small critical access hospitals.

20140612-105734.jpg IWU President Dr. David Wright ’77 with Gary and Connie Ott ’74

Dr. Ihrke spoke about the commitment to things that have not changed over the years;

The commitment to spiritual care – for each student, for each patient has not changed. The integration of faith into the classroom, the clinical setting, and into life has been continued since the beginning of nursing education at Marion College. Nikki Rodriguez-Borasz, a recent graduate was honored by Wright State University as a Cameo of Caring© recipient for exemplifying compassion and caring in the nursing profession

The commitment to Transcultural Nursing has not changed. Since the first class 1975, students have had required experiences with patients in a variety of settings – locally, nationally, and globally. The goal has always been to provide culturally appropriate care to individuals. Wes – personal nurse of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Jake, missionary nurse in Mali, Africa, Charissa, nurse on a Mercy Ship in Africa, and Linda Craft, DON at Mary Breckinridge Hospital in Hyde, KY.

Ending the naming ceremony Dr. Ihrke spoke about how truly blessed we are. On behalf of the IWU faculty and staff of the School of Nursing she thanked those in attendance as well as Gary and Connie Ott ’74.

Building Video Feed

For more information on registering for School of Nursing – School of Nursing


Tours of the building will be available during Homecoming on October 2-4
The Ott Hall of Sciences and Nursing Building Dedication Ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, Oct 2 at 11:00 AM.

Communicating the IWU Spirit in the Workplace and Throughout the World.

World Changer in Comics!

This week you may have noticed as you thumb through the newspaper comic-strips a bit of a message branded IWU. You may have seen the Hi & Lois comic strip and may in fact be one of your favorites as I know it is one of mine. It is a favorite not only because of the content that it represents but also because of my love for Indiana Weslyan University.

Eric Reaves graduate of 1988 has been drawing pictures practically his whole life. The most recent years he is one of the main contributors to a comic strip that we all have come to enjoy, Hi & Lois. If you go to their main webpage you will read biographical information of The Creators of this comic strip and read a bit about an alum that is doing extraordinary things through his God-given talent. “Eric started out his career as a high school teacher, followed by a position as a Creative Director for a top apparel manufacturer. There he created artwork for Disney, Warner Bros., Nintendo, Barbie and several other top brands. In 1994 he began cartooning professionally.” Having several distinctions and honors has placed him in a very unique opportunities to express his creative side as well representing a World Changer. Honored as the 2007 Hoosier State Press Associations Editorial Cartoonist of the Year, Eric’s editorial cartoons have appeared in the many Newspapers as well as other publications.

He is served as an assistant cartoonist for the comic strip, Garfield, from 1994 until joining Browne Creative Enterprises. A local hometown hero of sorts however he has raised the attention of Indiana Wesleyan as well.

You may notice the subtlety get it stands out to me that Eric’s love for the University, his alma mater has been crafted into the comic strip.

Again quoting from The Creators of Hi & Lois, “In 2009 he began helping Chance Browne draw the Hi & Lois comic strip to join forces with Brown Creator Enterprises full-time and 2012. Having been a lifelong fan of Dik Brown’s art, Eric describes drawing Dik’s character as, “a humbling, yet daily thrill!”

You may wonder how being a World Changer can enter into the commonplace, like work, yet Eric makes it look easy. He weaves his comics into, at times, political satire yet also giving opportunity to express his love and appreciation for the heritage and legacy as an Indiana Wesleyan grad. “Sharing with others your love for your alma mater can be woven in every opportunity that you have,” says Rick Carder, Director of Alumni Relations. “I love hearing in promoting the stories of our alumni. They are what best reflects the mission of this wonderful institution.” Eric encourages all of us to reflect the very essence and heritage of this fine institution called Indiana Wesleyan University.

Further demonstrating his commitment to IWU, on occasion Eric is an adjunct faculty at Indiana Wesleyan University. He and his wife of over 25 years have five children. One of his children, Cody is a graduate of IWU from 2013. Recently his wife Lori has joined the faculty at Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion Campus. She earned her Doctorate of Social Work from Capella University.

Images used with permission by King Features Syndicate
Hi & Lois


Alumni Story – Kyle Courtright ’05

Guest Writer – A personal testimony

There were so many unknowns going into attending IWU. What am I going to do with my major? What kind of job will I have? Will I even enjoy that job once I get it? These were the big questions swirling around in my head as I started a brand new, unknown chapter of my life at Indiana Wesleyan University.
After graduating from IWU in 2009 with a degree in Computer Graphics, it became very clear that my dream was to run my own graphic design company. This, however, wasn’t my dream as a scrawny, wide-eyed freshman in 2005. At the beginning of my freshman year, I knew what my major would be and thought I had a decent idea of what I wanted to do after graduation. I had no idea how much I would be molded and shaped along the way.
Those four years had ups and downs, with a lot of work in between. All the classes, tests and projects proved to be the key in my development as a graphic designer. Professors like Rudy and Mazellan are just a couple people who cared enough to take the time to give their expert advice and wisdom to help prepare me for the next step. Professor Rudy was that advisor and teacher who helped guide me along the way. He let me know what to expect in the graphic design industry and how to build my own website from scratch. Professor Mazellan gave me the tools and confidence to start my own business. Both of these men genuinely wanted me to live my dream after graduation.
A job opportunity to be the graphic designer for McConn Coffee Company opened up. They contacted me a couple days later to offer me the position. McConn added valuable experience as I learned more about time management and how to efficiently juggle several projects at one time. McConn would also prove to be a great resume addition as my time at IWU came to a close.
It was the big day. Graduation day came so quickly but I felt ready for the unknown. My peers and I switched our tassels from one side to the other, met with our families and headed out into “the real world”. I got in my car, turned the key and realized the battery was dead. My girlfriend at the time and soon to be wife brought her car over and I hooked up the jumper cables.
Everything pretty standard so far right? I started the car and heard a loud popping noise. I got out and saw the front of my car completely engulfed in flames. People in the parking lot made a perimeter and the Marion fire department rolled in. Everything (and everybody) was okay in the end and now I check twice before hooking up jumper cables. All I can say was that it was a rough start to a real world experience. I could only just watch as my only means of transportation went up in flames.
A couple months after graduation I was offered a graphic design position and soon after I was engaged to my wife Paige. I was so thankful for the opportunity during a very difficult economic time to find a job. Since then, I have had the chance to work for several great companies along the way. These companies were stepping stones toward my dream. Over the next fourteen months I decided to grow my graphic design company Courtright Design while keeping my full time job.
From the onset, Courtright Design couldn’t even be considered a small business. It was more like an idea; an idea that had a logo, website and a few customers here or there. I worked hard to build traffic to the website and began to gain some consistent clients that really helped to build a base for the business. Word of mouth was my only marketing tool. Over time the client base grew at a fast pace and the traffic to the website gained some good momentum. I began to realize all the hard work was paying off! In January 2012, Paige wanted to begin working for the business and took on the design work for one of our biggest clients. Over time, my dream became hers and we absolutely have loved working from home together building our business.
In January 2013, the dream became a reality. My wife and I sat down at a local burger joint and made the decision to resign from my other steady job and run Courtright Design completely “cold turkey” as we called it. It’s been one year since we made that decision and we haven’t looked back. The preparation that IWU provided was invaluable. To go from a graduate with a dream, to an entrepreneur living that dream, is beyond words. Courtright Design continues to grow. We have had the opportunity to do work for hundreds of clients from small businesses and startups to national brands, organizations and universities across the country and throughout the world. More recently we had the opportunity to launch an ecommerce website called the Cre8 Design Store in order to more effectively provide small businesses and startups with a high quality, affordable logo design solution.
I can say with full confidence that none of this would be possible without God opening doors and being so faithful to provide and grow our business. Paige and I often talk about how grateful we are for His continual blessings throughout this journey. The road has been filled with ups and downs, successes and failures. We know that everything we have is His and we strive daily to be good stewards of the business that He has blessed us with. Indiana Wesleyan University provided the solid education and spark to help me realize my dream. Starting out, I wanted a job. By graduation day, I had a dream. The dream became reality and the unknowns became known.

Kyle Courtright, Courtright Design LLC


Homecoming 2014 – October 3 & 4. Join IWU young alumni like Kyle and IWU’s McConn Baristas and other former McConn employees for a reunion (including alumni of the former Common Grounds)

Newest Residential #IWUGrad Receive Fond Farewells

The Residential Class of 2014 celebrates together for a final class dinner hosted by the IWU Alumni Association. The dinner included giveaway items, prayers, Friday Night Live (FNL) video flashback, President Dr. David Wright speaking and a closing prayer by Millie Troyer, Alumni Director Emeritus. Keith Newman, CEO Residential Education, Executive Vice President also added comments and offered his best wishes.
Dr. Jim “Umfundisi” Lo, Dean of the Chapel at IWU offered an opening prayer for the student body;


Dear Father, I thank you for these, whom we love, who will be graduating in a few days. I pray that you will continue to give them direction, purpose, and perseverance as they enter the next phase of life.
Today is like numerous other days. The sun came up over the horizon and in a few hours, will hide itself as the moon makes its appearance. People were born. There were individuals who laughed, cried, worked, studied and even passed on. Today, as “chronos” time, is as it has been ever since You gave it its beginning and it will be as it is until it comes to an end by Your command.
But today is also full of freshness and newness; like no other day in history. Today is “kairos”; time which is full of wonderful opportunities. Today is, for these students who will be graduating, a passage from one adventure to another. Kairos is a wonderful gift which you offer to each one of us. Therefore, help each of us to comprehend the wonder of this gift and then seek to take hold of it.
Today we pray for all these who have completed their studies. Because of this, they now have a new “kairos” that awaits them. Firstly, I offer thanks to You, O Lord for helping them to be successful as they journeyed here at IWU. What a great accomplishment for them to reach this milestone of graduation.
I want to also take a few moments praying for their tomorrow. Praying for these soon to be graduates as they will be entering another door to another context and perhaps, even another culture. As you have led them in past days, please Lord, continue to guide them into the future. Give them clearness of mind to move forward into the plans and purposes that You have for them. I pray that they will have the boldness to stand up for what is right wherever they are “planted”. Give them wisdom to live their lives wisely, in ways that will glorify You.
I pray the words of scripture over them: “Bless them indeed. Expand their territory. Let Your hand be with them.
Grant them success for their efforts at every turn and guide their feet to follow Your ways. May they be eager to do good and not evil all the days of their lives. May they always sense Your smile of pleasure upon them. In Jesus’ Name I pray this prayer, amen.

Dr. Wright offered words of encouragement by reminding the students to look for the “beacons” in their lives that would help to provide direction and hope in their future. He encouraged them that the relationships at IWU are some of those beacons. He encouraged them to stay connected.

Millie Troyer shared a prayer with the students at the end of the event.

Graduation will be held at the Chapel-Auditorium on Saturday, April 26th.

Alumni World Changers 2014

Today, March 24, 2014, two more alumni received the distinction of Alumni World Changers. Alumni World Changers are Marion College or Indiana Wesleyan University Alumni who have made a difference and have helped to shape their part of the world. They are people to whom current students can look up to as students prepare to go out and become world changers themselves. This year’s inductees were Dr. Howard Noggle and Doris Wall.

Dr. Howard Noggle enrolled as a student at Marion College in 1936. He was the son of one of the founding members of the school. Upon enrolling as a student, Howard would never leave the college. After graduation, he began a career that would last 64 years and through five College Presidents. He worked his way up from Field Representative to Director of Alumni Relations to Director of Church Relations to Special Assistant to the President, earning himself the nickname Mr. Marion College. On June 30, 2004, Howard Noggle retired as an employee, yet continued to promote the school. Sadly, Dr. Noggle passed away on June 11, 2007, at the age of 88.
Doris Wall graduated from Marion College in 1974. She then worked for 40 years as a Global Partners missionary in Guyana—a small South American country. During her time there, Doris served as a nurse and midwife for the Patamuna and Akawaio people. She delivered hundreds of babies, some of whom grew up to become nurses, teachers and church leaders in Guyana. In the interior of the country, Doris established and taught a Bible school. Later on, she would coordinate the revision of the Patamuna New Testament done by Patamuna mother tongue translators that was completed in 2011. Doris Wall spoke to the IWU student body during the chapel service honoring the inductees. She encouraged the students to remember that true happiness comes by following God’s plan; He will provide and direct us in the way we should go.
Inductees are honored by a plaque at the entrance of the Jackson Library.



A message from Liberty Mutual Insurance

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Regional Networks for IWU Alumni

The Fort Wayne Regional Network for alumni meets every last Wednesday of the month at the Fort Wayne Education and Conference Center for a Networking event. This group is led by alumni Joshua Lee Henry.
He is a certified Missional Leadership Coach and an organizational consultant. Through his ministry, he has helped to bring the influence of the Kingdom to various areas of society: public, private, and nonprofit. In the past, he has served as a ministry leader and a pastor, with small church plants and mega-churches.

Joshua graduated from Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University in 2012, with a M.A. in ministerial leadership. During his time at IWU, he focused on faith in the millennial generation (Those in their mid20s and younger). Currently, his is working towards a Doctorate of Missiology degree at Fuller Theological Seminary in their School of Intercultural Studies.
This past Wednesday night (February 26th), was a Networking Event at the Fort Wayne Education and Conference Center.

Networking events are services to alumni giving them an opportunity to connect with other alumni and professionals in the region. They are designed to meet with alumni on a regular basis and enable alumni to exchange professional information as well as provide professional development seminars and workshops. Also provided is a lite dinner. As events approach emails are sent out to alumni in the area. If you would like to attend, just RSVP when you get one of the aforementioned emails or contact us to be added – We would love to see you there!

To develop a Regional Network in your area, please contact us telling us where you would like to participate.