Homecoming Sneak Preview- FNL Flashback

​Throughout her time at Indiana Wesleyan University, Kelly Day, ’09 alumni, was heavily involved in IWU’s comedy night called Friday Night Live- or FNL. As a freshman and sophomore at IWU, she worked as a crew member, dedicating countless hours to creating Power Ranger costumes or paper mache spaceships for upcoming shows. When she was a Junior and Senior, Day became the administrative director for FNL, hosting the fall show her final year at IWU. As an alumni, Day is excited to work to integrate FNL experiences into the Homecoming festivities.


​This year, the Homecoming Committee chose to forego the traditional young alumni concert in favor of a new activity- a show they have termed “FNL Flashback.” Featuring highlights from prior FNL productions, this show will incorporate live skits as well as movie clips representative of many generations of IWU comedy history. While it will have a similar layout to traditional FNL shows, this production will be a reprise of cast members and jokes from previous years.  

​As a student, Ms. Day was on the Homecoming Committee all four years. Simultaneously vice president of SGO, Day was always heavily involved in Homecoming activities. At one of the alumni board meetings, Day voiced her interest in creating the “FNL Flashback”- and suddenly she found herself the director for this fall’s production. Although specifics of this project are still in progress, Day is confident that this presentation will feature the highlights of FNL history- such as IWU’s famous newscasters Adam Wren and Eric Nentrup. Day stated that she hopes that through the multigenerational integration in this production, “this event that can bring several generations together in a fun, funny, engaging and nostalgic event!”


 Many remember just a few years ago The Harlem Shake video featuring Dr. Wilbur Williams! “Just imaging re-experiencing the laughs of some of the funniest skits and videos!” says Rick Carder, Director of Alumni. “This flashback event will certainly bring back alumni who shared these kinds of experiences going back over twenty years!” (Carder)


Written by Katherine Arch, Story Teller for Alumni Relations. Katherine Arch is a Junior English major at Indiana Wesleyan, and a member of the Track and Cross Country teams. She is passionate about sharing people’s stories and celebrating their divine potential in written form.

3 Ways to Make the Most of LinkedIn

Networking is more than just a trend; it is a step toward success. If you do it right, branding yourself and connecting with professionals can spark your career and turn the Internet into your personal phone book.

What does it mean to “do it right?” You should make the most of LinkedIn – the largest professional networking service available on the web. The site allows you to connect with employers/employees, co-workers, alumni, and friends. You can share updates on your career advancements, learn from your network, and engage in giving or receiving advice for professional advancement. Following are three ways to make the most of LinkedIn:

1. Join Groups

LinkedIn in has over 300 million users, and some people have thousands of connections alone. Groups allow you to narrow that number down to a specialized member base and create discussions with people of the same interests. According to Miles Jennings, there are five main reasons to use LinkedIn Groups:

  •  Learn from your network
  • Discover your passion
  • Engage with your community
  • Develop a focused audience
  • Deliver high quality, curated content

Join our IWU Alumni Group of over 5,000 members to engage in discussions with some of our brightest alum. This is a great opportunity to learn what colleagues are doing and share a learning experience together. Examples of some articles posted within the group are:

  • Creating Your Own Content Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Tattoo: Lasting Effects of Social Media Posts

2. Connect it to your Twitter Account

This feature allows those who consider themselves avid tweeters to link their two accounts together. Within the settings, you will be given the option to make your Twitter account visible on your LinkedIn profile and to share tweets that contain #in in your LinkedIn status. This application is beneficial because it allows you to post statuses simultaneously to Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also follow your LinkedIn connections on Twitter or create a LinkedIn-specific Twitter list. Read this article to learn more on how to utilize the tweets application to build social influence.

3. Use LinkedIn Tools/Resources

Shortly stated, LinkedIn offers more than we realize. There are resources available that many people overlook or do not know exist. LinkedIn offers a way to add apps to your profile such as Google Presentation. It also features an “Answers” tool that enables you to ask questions regarding your field of interest. The advanced search allows you to better search for both people and jobs by keyword, name, company, industry or even interests. Lastly, you can always see who has been viewing your profile.

LinkedIn is the best way to discover new opportunities and accelerate your career. Engage with our alumni by joining our group to improve your own personal brand and catch up with old friends.

Check out a related article about Todd Rhoad who contributes much to  LinkedIn Discussions.

Written by Kelly Reed. Kelly is a senior Strategic Communications major with a focus in Public Relations. She is the President of IWU PRSSA and hopes to work as a communications director of a nonprofit organization after graduation.


Living Uncommonly – Todd Rhoad ’05

With three graduate degrees and fourteen years of higher education, Business Consultant Todd Rhoad could easily have chosen to climb the corporate ladder. Instead, he decided to live an uncommon life and pursue business with an intentional Christian perspective. Mr. Rhoad, the founder and CEO of BT Consulting in Atlanta, Georgia, articulated that the business world can be a challenging work environment, often tempting people to compromise their ethics in pursuit of their personal advancement. (BT is short of Blitz Team.) While completing his Master’s degree in Business Administration, ’05 IWU alumni Rhoad states that he was challenged to look at business in a different light. He remembers that professors routinely asked him and his peers to consider the question “what would Jesus do?” when looking at a difficult situation. At the time, this expression seemed cliché, but Rhoad expressed that this mindset was fundamental in shaping his professional outlook. Suddenly, he was able to approach work with a brighter perspective; instead of simply pursuing his career advancement, he was able to focus on serving his clients and working to meet their needs.

Todd Rhoad imageA byproduct of this mindset shift, Rhoad established a career consulting firm in 2010 with the expressed goal of “putting compassion back into business.” BT Consulting offers a plethora of career services, intended to meet professionals at every phase of their development. Services are varied and range from career coaching, networking strategies, mobile app development, to business development and startup assistance. In the future, Rhoad states that he hopes to see BT Consulting working closely with IWU graduates, helping them to develop as professionals. Additionally, Mr. Rhoad would like to see his company partner with IWU students and Alumni to provide professional support and services around the globe. In what is stereotypically a competitive and cutthroat workplace, Rhoad is committed to approaching the business world from an uncommon perspective and developing professionals with their best interests in mind.

Todd has provided alumni with training opportunities and offers his services to IWU alumni who wish to expand their network. You may also go to our IWU Alumni Linked-In Group to view his discussions.

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Written by Katherine Arch, Story Teller for Alumni Relations. Katherine Arch is a Junior English major at Indiana Wesleyan, and a member of the Track and Cross Country teams. She is passionate about sharing people’s stories and celebrating their divine potential in written form.

Dr. David F. Smith as Academic Dean – Wesley Seminary

Newly selected as Academic Dean - Wesley Seminary at IWU

Dr. David and Angie Smith – Newly selected as Academic Dean – Wesley Seminary at IWU

Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. David F. Smith as Academic Dean, effective August 16, 2015. Dr. Smith is currently the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Kingswood University in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada. He succeeds the founding Dean of Wesley Seminary at IWU, Dr. Ken Schenck, who served for six years and returns to a full-time ministry of teaching and writing in the School of Theology & Ministry at IWU.

Dr. Smith’s heart for the local church, his passion to equip ministry leaders, and his widely recognized biblical scholarship were enthusiastically affirmed during the search process.

Dr. Smith earned the M.A. in Old Testament and the M.Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary, and the Ph.D. in New Testament Interpretation from the University of Durham. An ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church, he also previously served churches in the Free Methodist and Church of Christ in Christian Union denominations.

Dave returns to IWU, where he served as Associate Dean of the School of Theology & Ministry prior to his departure in 2010.

Business as Mission in Nepal

Jacob Wheeler ('12)Jacob Wheeler (’12) is a recent grad with a heart for Missions and Business. He has recently been in Nepal where devastating earthquakes has brought tragedy. Jacob has recently reported that he is safe from harm. His ministry in Nepal is supported through PacMoore where he is employed. His work in Nepal brings hope to many and is an example of a World Changer making a difference globally.  Read more: Business as Mission in Nepal.

We have several alumni serving with Tiny Hands Internationally. Dawna R. Clifton Upadhyay, and husband Khemraj have also reported that they are safe from harm. Dawna Clinton Upadhyay and husband Khemraj Khemraj is principal at the Dream Center school, and Dawna  teaches art there. (She has undergrad degrees in both photography and illustration from IWU.) They and their three children live in Pokhara, near the epicenter.

We pray for the people of Nepal and are grateful for the impact our alumni are having.

Earthquake Report.

Meet our Story Teller – Kelly Reed

Kelly Reed (’16) is a Senior at Indiana Wesleyan University studying Strategic Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. She has two brothers, one of which will be attending IWU as a freshman this fall. Kelly has a passion for storytelling and envisions herself as a Communications Director of a nonprofit organization when she graduates.

Kelly ReedDuring her time at IWU, she has held many roles, which she believes, have gotten her closer to her dream job. Besides socializing with friends, Kelly’s favorite way to spend time at school is working with PRSSA [Public Relations Student Society of America].  She was last year’s PR Director and this year’s President.

Holding leadership roles in PRSSA, the school newspaper, The Sojourn, and the Alumni Office have built her experiences and given her great opportunities outside of school. This summer, Kelly will be living in North Carolina working as an intern in the Communication Office of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. She is thrilled and eager to be immersed in Christian nonprofit communication.

Kelly’s time at the Alumni Office has opened her eyes to the possibilities and power of storytelling. She is ready to take what she learns at her internship this summer and apply it to her communication efforts next year.

To read more about Kelly or follow her blog she will begin while in North Carolina, visit www.kellyreed.weebly.com

Homecoming 2015 Sneak Preview: New Parade Route

Although homecoming is still several months away, Lauren Shaw, Assistant Director of Student activities, as well as other members of the planning committee, are hard at work to create a homecoming experience that emphasizes the importance of community within IWU as well as in the surrounding community.  Shaw, a ’14 alumni from IWU, recalls fondly her experiences with homecoming as a student.

Dune Buggy HC14“I loved the parade;” she stated, “There were always so many floats, and we would all travel downtown for a huge party that integrated the community of Marion with IWU so well.”  This year, the homecoming planning committee is working to enhance that sense of community by re-routing the parade. Instead of ending the parade downtown, Shaw explained that the committee plans are to conclude the route at the soccer fields where the men’s and women’s teams have games that day. The parade will end at a large cookout as well as the Kid Zone; an area where people can mingle and have a chance to reconnect with friends. Shaw explains that the homecoming committee hopes this will help create a more family-friendly atmosphere and generate more support for that weekend’s athletic events. Additionally, she mentioned that they are working to encourage increased student participation in the parade.

“We’re thinking about having every dorm create a float for the parade,” she stated, “each dorm has its own flair and unique identity. This way every student will have an outlet to participate in homecoming!”

Millie Troyer and Judy JohnsonHomecoming is October 2 & 3, 2015 – Don’t miss this exciting event as well as FNL Flashback, Class Reunions (1955, 1960, 1965, 1975, 1985, 1990 (’89-’91), 1995), McConn Staff Reunion, Young Alumni – Techniques for Enjoying McConn Coffee at Home, School of Nursing Celebrates 40 years!, and much, much more.


Homecoming 2014 album by IWUalumni on Flickr.


Written by Katherine Arch, Story Teller for Alumni Relations. Katherine Arch is a Junior English major at Indiana Wesleyan, and a member of the Track and Cross Country teams. She is passionate about sharing people’s stories and celebrating their divine potential in written form.

Meet our new writer – Katherine Arch (’16)

Katherine ArchKatherine Arch (’16) is a Senior English Major from Iowa City, Iowa. She is the daughter of Chris and Carol Arch and has four siblings. Following graduation, Katherine hopes to pursue a master’s degree in Special Education or English Education.

Throughout high school and college, Katherine has been heavily involved in working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and she hopes to use her experiences with this population more extensively following her time at IWU.

This summer, she is working as an intern at The Shepherd’s college which is a higher-education institution for people with special needs. She is excited for this opportunity to further pursue God’s calling for her life.

Besides traditional school activities, Katherine keeps busy with her involvement in both Cross Country and Track and Field; she runs long distance (5k and 10k) in Track and runs 5k for Cross Country.

Katherine is very excited to be part of the Alumni Writing staff and is eager to share the stories of how IWU grads are using their degrees to live uncommon and extraordinary lives.

Empowered with Purpose – Hazel Owens’s story (’11/’13)

hazel owensAcross social media, Pandora advertisements, and large-city billboards, Hazel Owens, Indiana Wesleyan University Alumni, promotes that Indiana Wesleyan University empowered her to live her purpose. Working as a volunteer coordinator for a non-for-profit, she reflects that her education was a training ground that prepared her to “live her purpose, empowering women through public speaking, broadcasting, and online communication.” Owens, who graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Management in 2011 and her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management in 2013, never dreamt of herself as a spokesperson for IWU prior to summer of 2013. Two years ago in June, Ms. Owens was working at the Black Expo, a community event that celebrates African American identity in Indianapolis. While there, she connected with representatives from IWU. For the previous several years, Ms. Owens had been attending Indiana Wesleyan University and was only a month away from graduation. Hearing her experience with the school, the IWU worker at the booth suggested that she connect with workers from the alumni association and share her story. Without much preparation, Hazel recorded a brief video highlighting her personal growth through her time at IWU. This commercial, which aired August of 2014, soon became synonymous with IWU promotion for the school. Despite its brevity, this movie powerfully presents the growth Ms. Owens underwent as a student and highlights how her experience at Indiana Wesleyan empowered her to live with purpose.

Prior to her education at Indiana Wesleyan University, Ms. Owens attended Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, but did not complete her degree. Around the same time, one of her close friends was attending Indiana Wesleyan through the Adult Studies program. She strongly suggested that Owens pursue finishing her schooling at IWU; her voice of encouragement soon coupled with her boss. As Owens was vacillating over the feasibility of working and finishing her degree, she received a new supervisor at her workplace, a woman who was completing her bachelor’s degree through Indiana Wesleyan’s Adult studies program. Encouraged to pursue this opportunity, Owens began to explore the possibility of finishing her schooling while retaining her position at work. Indiana Wesleyan seemed like the perfect mixture of her goals.

Beginning her studies, Owens pleasantly discovered how seamlessly professors and classes at Indiana Wesleyan integrated faith and education. At first, Owens was incredulous as to how effectively faculty would incorporate these components. When she started classes at the satellite school in Indianapolis, Owens was uncomfortable contributing to her professor’s conversations about faith and God. These experiences highlighted her need for spiritual growth, which she began pursuing through her local church. While completing her undergraduate degree, Owens was amazed by the authenticity with which her teachers lived their lives. As she interacted with her professors, she realized that they lived the way in which they taught, demonstrating what Owens called “a real-world scenario” of life outside the classroom.

Following graduation, Owens decided to pursue her master’s degree in Human Resources Management through IWU; at the time she was volunteering for a non-for-profit in Indianapolis and working for a corporation within the student loans industry. Although she was progressing professionally, Owens was unhappy in her career, and thus she was prompted to apply to the business where she was volunteering. Looking back at her time at Indiana Wesleyan, Ms. Owens says she can see how God was preparing her for her current job. While she was looking for a school that could fit her work schedule, instead she found a place that challenged her to grow and develop as a servant leader. Now Ms. Owens manages the volunteer department of a large non-for-profit in Indianapolis. Working at this job has been unlike any position she previously held; Owens said she loves working towards a goal that is bigger than herself and her personal needs. Through this non-for-profit, Owens works to satisfy physical needs and realize personal goals of women in the Indianapolis area. This corporation focuses on empowering women to discover their worth as people and applying this knowledge to their vocation. Owens stated that she loves interacting with these women and hearing their stories.

Although Hazel Owens was a non-traditional student, her journey clearly demonstrates how God used Indiana Wesleyan to help prepare her to live her purpose. Following her involvement in the Adult Studies commercial, Owens saw her face on a billboard in her hometown of Gary, Indiana. Upon seeing her face in such a prominent location, Owens admits that the image brought her to tears. “Gary was my humble beginning” Owens stated. Life in Gary was not easy for Ms. Owens, but she expressed her hope that her involvement in this campaign sends the message that “you do not have to become what your environment dictates you will become.” Prior to her enrollment at Indiana Wesleyan University, Ms. Owens was a successful businesswoman working her way up the cooperate hierarchy, thoroughly miserable. Through her journey, she states as though God prepared her to live her purpose so that she could empower those around her to find their calling as well.

Hazel will be sharing more of her story as an inspiring and informative luncheon on June 16th. The meeting will include lunch meal service.  This event will be at the IWU Indy North Education and Conference Center, 3777 Priority Way, Indianapolis, IN – LOCATION. For more information contact Alumni Relations.

Reserve your space today - $10 per person (includes lunch)


Story written by Katherine Arch, Story Teller for Alumni Relations. Katherine Arch is a Junior English major at Indiana Wesleyan, and a member of the Track and Cross Country teams. She is passionate about sharing people’s stories and celebrating their divine potential in written form.

Health & Human Trafficking Conference | Indiana Wesleyan University

Don’t miss the Health and Human Trafficking Conference held at IWU May 20-21, 2015. HHTC | Indiana Wesleyan University. It is not too late to register. To have the late fee waived please enter the promo code – WVD.

This event is in cooperation and supported by The Bastian Center.

The Bastian Center for the study of human trafficking is an international hub of resistance to one of the greatest evils of human civilization. IWU announced the creation of the Bastian Center in April 2014, and set forth its primary goals: to raise up students who can be effective operatives in the war against human trafficking, and to enable scholars from a wide range of fields to study the problem from diverse perspectives.

The center is named for Ed and Anna Bastian, whose $1.5 million gift made the center possible. In the past few years, the Bastians have become ardent opponents of human trafficking. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal benefits from Anna’s counsel on his task force addressing the commercial exploitation of children. Ed Bastian is President of Delta Air Lines. In 2011, Delta became the first major airline to sign a Code of Conduct outlined by End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children.

The Bastian Center will be based in the Washington, D.C. area. Students and scholars who work with the center will be able to work directly with policymakers in strengthening the United States’ opposition to the global trade in human beings.