Business as Mission: Jacob Wheeler in Nepal

Jacob Wheeler (12’) has been working with a Business as Mission organization in Nepal called PacMoore for the past 3.5 years. After the earthquakes and traumatic damage done in Nepal, his work there is more valuable than ever. “The company has commissioned me to create ideas and business opportunities for people through PacMoore, and to give [the Nepali] people access to hear the Gospel,” he said.

Jacob Wheeler – 2012 IWU grad

Wheeler was born in Nepal to a Tibet Buddhist family and was adopted in the states when he was four years old. He went straight to Nepal after graduation in 2012 as an International Business Developer, and actually stayed with his biological family for a couple months.

He experienced a really large paradigm shift moving from the U.S. to Nepal. “It’s just so different,” he said. Although he has to walk or bike everywhere, and he is forced to use every drop of water efficiently, Wheeler is energized by the work the Lord is doing in the country.

“I keep going back to Nepal because I still feel that call to create opportunities, jobs and disciples,” he said. It has become his life now that he has been there for 3.5 years. He comes home about twice a year to see family, but the more he stays abroad, the more he calls Nepal home. “I still call home Marion, Indiana because that’s where I can find comfort… But more and more I love being abroad and being with people from around the world,” Wheeler said. “I really needed to get out there and experience more of life.”

Living in Marion was great preparation for Wheeler, so when he first went to Nepal in 2012, he was grounded in the truth of the Lord. He was thankful for his knowledge of Christ because of the dramatic culture difference: “It was really hard adjusting culturally. Only some people spoke English, and lentils weren’t what I was used to eating every day. I felt really alone, so I really had to push to God… I turned to Him and asked Him, ‘God, show up to me and show me who you are and how you work differently here in Nepal than back home.’”

The day after he said this bold prayer, he went to a Nepali church and saw a woman who was demon possessed. All of the elders of the church were praying over her and casting out a demon, trying to hold her down. “I had never seen anything like that before,” Wheeler said. “God really said to me, ‘Jacob this is really how the devil works.’”

In Nepal, there are idols on every corner, and humans and animals are sacrificed. The work of Satan is so prevalent, and Wheeler quickly realized he needed to overcome the shock and heartbreak so he could help them in the Lord’s name.

“God showed a whole new side of himself to me and I’ve been better for it… I will be a helper to the Kingdom,” Wheeler said.

In addition to being spiritually grounded, Wheeler is thankful that he is confident in his knowledge to teach others. Through his classes as a Business Administration major and Economics minor, he learned exactly what he needed to for this calling. Wheeler has seen the knowledge he gained at Indiana Wesleyan University play into everyone he is supporting through PacMoore. “While in school, I was so poured into. Everything at school is about YOU: how much can YOU learn, how much can YOU take away. Then the next position you go into after school, people really want all that you’ve got and all that you’ve learned… God pours into us so we can pour into others,” he said. Wheeler is grateful that he has experience and knowledge because he can now bless and teach to those who need it.



Wheeler has been home for a few weeks to visit family, and is flying back to Nepal this week. He will be arriving to a difficult situation with trade issues and supplies. As Nepal relies heavily on India for their imports, they are not receiving what they need now that all the streets are blocked due to the earthquakes.

To make matters worse, while there were businesses already using generators before the earthquakes, now, after the damage and shortages especially in fuel – so they have no power at all. Businesses are struggling to work efficiently, so PacMoore is there to assist these people in developing their employeers and business partners to offer opportunities for the people.

Wheeler is excited to return because he knows God will provide. He is looking forward to the global work they are doing, hoping for expansion. He encourages students to avoid fear after graduation. Learning is so valuable and people appreciate that once you leave college and connect with others. “Follow what God has put on your heart,” Wheeler said.


Written by Kelly Reed. Kelly is a senior Strategic Communications major with a focus in Public Relations. She is the President of IWU PRSSA and hopes to work as a communications director of a nonprofit organization after graduation. She loves to tell people’s stories through written word, artwork, speech and strategy. Visit Kelly’s personal website and blog at



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Business as Mission in Nepal

Jacob Wheeler ('12)Jacob Wheeler (’12) is a recent grad with a heart for Missions and Business. He has recently been in Nepal where devastating earthquakes has brought tragedy. Jacob has recently reported that he is safe from harm. His ministry in Nepal is supported through PacMoore where he is employed. His work in Nepal brings hope to many and is an example of a World Changer making a difference globally.  Read more: Business as Mission in Nepal.

We have several alumni serving with Tiny Hands Internationally. Dawna R. Clifton Upadhyay, and husband Khemraj have also reported that they are safe from harm. Dawna Clinton Upadhyay and husband Khemraj Khemraj is principal at the Dream Center school, and Dawna  teaches art there. (She has undergrad degrees in both photography and illustration from IWU.) They and their three children live in Pokhara, near the epicenter.

We pray for the people of Nepal and are grateful for the impact our alumni are having.

Earthquake Report.