Sheriff’s department welcomes four new deputies



    Juan Galan
Galan, 31, of Elwood, has been working with the department for about three weeks, said jail commander Andy Williams.
He grew up in Elwood and can speak some Spanish, thanks to his Hispanic parents.
He said a year spent with the 76th Brigade of the Indiana National Guard in Afghanistan from July 2004 to July 2005, helped springboard him into the job with the sheriff’s department, although he did spend some time on a waiting list, as all new hires do because the turnover rate at MCSD is very low.
“I think it was very beneficial,” Galan said. “We did a lot of military police type duties over there, convoy security and other military security.”
He also worked at Red Gold in Elwood. He had previously attended Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion where he completed about four years of a criminal justice major, also studying psychology and sociology. He came up a semester shy of graduation because of military deployment, and hopes to be able to finish his degree.

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