CLASS ACTS: IWU Student Teachers recognized

Class Acts: Oak Hill United School Corp.
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Sweetser Elementary

·  Jen Shott is a senior at Indiana Wesleyan University and has been doing her STUDENT TEACHING in Mrs. Fagan’s fourth grade class. She began her assignment on Aug. 14 and will be finished Dec. 13. As a young child, Jen would often visit her mother’s classroom, and from those days she knew that she wanted to be involved in education. She will graduate from IWU in December.

·  Kasey Thompson, senior at Oak Hill High School, is CADET TEACHING in Mrs. Needler’s third-grade classroom. Kasey does grading, assists students and makes copies for the teacher. The students enjoy Kasey a lot.

·  Sweetser Elementary students perform their FIRST SERVICE PROJECT of the year. Mrs. Brauchler’s and Mrs. Harrison’s kindergarten classes learned about showing respect to the environment, to the community and to other students in the school by cleaning up the playground.

·  Jenna Figard, a JPY STUDENT from Indiana Wesleyan University, is completing some of her teaching requirements in Mrs. Needler’s third grade classroom at Sweetser Elementary. Some of her duties include reading to the students, remediation and teaching.



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