New Hall now Martin Hall at IWU Marion Campus

New Hall, which opened in 2004 as a 210 bed women’s dormitory, has been named in honor of Dr. Glenn Martin and his wife, Betty.  The ceremony for Martin Hall was held April 3, 2008 in the lobby of the residence hall. 

Glenn Martin, who died in May 2004, served as Professor of History and Political Science at IWU for nearly 40 years and chaired the Division of Social Sciences for 30 years.  Students twice named him Professor of the Year.

Betty Martin worked in the IWU Advancement Department for many years.  She still lives in Marion, a few blocks from campus.

In 1977, Dr. Martin was asked to lecture in Hawaii for Youth With a Mission, which began a long series of international travel.  For more than 30 years, during summer and on academic breaks, Dr. Martin lectured around the world.

As a result of Dr. Martin’s travels, many people because productive in reformation endeavors around the world.  In addition, about 200 students were attracted to IWU to continue their studies.

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