Red, White & Boom in Cincinnati – event summary

Congratulations Lonnie for your success with Red, White and Boom event.
We had a great time in Cincinnati on July 4th with the Red, White & Boom Celebration. I have attached three photos below showing part of the gatherings. Unfortunately, last minute cancellations and some heavy rain just prior to the start of the reception and during the reception caused our attendance to dwindle to 17 individuals. However, the rain subsided during the reception and those present were treated to a grand old celebration in music and singing followed by a fabulous fireworks celebration. The Cincinnati Pops and their accompanying parties did a through job of entertaining us throughout.


The recognition of former servicemen and servicewomen during the concert was extremely touching for Phillip Frohriep, Sr, alumnus (1995/2007), who had served in the U. S. Navy. He commented to me during the fireworks how much he enjoyed coming and being in attendance and is eager to help with future events. From little acorns mighty oaks do grow – we harvested some acorns on July 4 that will grow into huge oaks for God’s glory at Indiana Wesleyan.






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