New Media Exposure for Indiana Wesleyan University

I am pleased to announce that Indiana Wesleyan University student
BRAD NEEDLER is one of six students in the 2009 Top Bods On Campus
feature in /FAITH & FITNESS MAGAZINE/.  This is the second season
that our magazine has profiled successful college students throughout
the nation. Students must demonstrate strong academic, physical and
spiritual commitment.

To read about Brad simply go to Faith & Fitness Magazine at
HTTP://WWW.FAITHANDFITNESS.NET and look for the 2009 Top Bods On
Campus article.

Brad certainly reflects very positively for your university.  I'm
confident that this article will deliver some good publicity for
Indiana Wesleyan University. It is my hope that you will share with
alumni and all students, faculty and staff about this exciting
article. Please consider posting a link to the article on your
university website or contact me for gratis permission to reprint the

We are looking for students for our 2010 season.  So, please invite
faculty and staff to nominate another student. If you have questions
or need anything further please reply to this email or call me at

-Brad Bloom
Publisher, Faith & Fitness Magazine

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