IWU Authors Jim and Jerolyn Bogear on FamilyLife Today

Jim and Jerolyn Bogear, authors of Faith Legacy: Six Values to Shape Your Child’s Journey, will be featured on FamilyLife Today April 28th and 29th in an interview with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine entitled “Faith Legacy.” In Marion, you will be able to listen in on WGNR Moody Radio 97.9 FM at 9:30 AM or on WFRN 107.7.

The Bogears will share that Faith Legacy is about parenting with a plan. It is about living the legacy long before we ever expect to begin leaving it. They admit that they are no experts, but learning together with others on what has been a journey of raising kids to develop Christ-like characters, who in turn can raise their future children in the same legacy. The two-part feature will discuss the concept of the Legacy trip, a rite-of-passage trip that Jim and Jerolyn used to “hand off” and solidify the values they were instilling in their children from day one. They also address practical ways to model and teach these extremely important values to your children.

Jim and Jerolyn bring biblical knowledge and perspective to raising children in today’s culture, along with the experience of having raised three of their own. Jim graduated from IWU with a BS in Children’s Ministries and is the lead pastor of a thriving church in Sacramento, California, and has more than twenty years of experience in ministry as a youth pastor, pastor, and parent. Jerolyn graduated with a BA in English as well as receiving a secondary teaching certificate from IWU, and has home schooled their three children for more than twelve years.

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