Old College Church set for demolition …

In preparation for the proposed Science and Nursing Building, the demolition of Old College Church on the traditional Marion campus has been scheduled to occur during the month of August.  The building will be razed and the site leveled prior to the arrival of freshmen students at the end of August.
On August 1, the site of Old College Church will be secured within a fenced area and become the property of Weigand Construction Co.   Weigand is responsible for contracting the demolition and will have full control of the area effective on this date.  Prior to that date, they will be in the process of installing the fence and identifying the perimeters of the construction zone.
Between now and July 31st, IWU will be salvaging materials from the building.  While most items in the building have already been spoken for, we still have numerous church pews which could be available provided they could be removed no later than July 31st
Please use caution when traveling in the area of the north campus as construction vehicles will also be in this area.  Effective September 1st, you can expect to see minor changes in traffic routes in the north campus.  
You may send any questions to:  operations@indwes.edu
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