Intercession Day for victims of perpetrators of human trafficking

January 11, 2012 has been designated to be a day of intercession and intervention on behalf of the victims and perpetrators of human trafficking . Dr. Jim Lo, Dean of the Chapel led the responsive prayer in Chapel.

Please join me in the following responsive prayer.

Rescue and Restoration
All: O Lord, We pray for the rescue and restoration of the countless number of people who have become victims of sexual trafficking
and commercial sexual exploitation.

Umfundisi :We pray….:
• for an end to their exploitation and sexual abuse;
• for as many safe and secure shelters as are needed to provide for their physical needs;
• for loving caretakers to provide comfort, solace, and a sense of family;
• for training and education to provide these persons with meaningful and productive livelihoods;
• for medical treatment to meet their many health concerns;
• for the Gospel message to reach their ears and be received in their hearts.

Breakdown of the Sex Industry
All: O Lord, we pray for the breakdown of the sex industry
which fuels sex trafficking and commercial
sexual exploitation of persons:

Umfundisi: We pray for….
• the demise of the pornography industry;
• a ban on internet pornography and sex tourism internet sites;
• for the closure of strip clubs;
• strong law enforcement efforts the world over to enforce obscenity laws, fight corruption, and to arrest and convict the traffickers and “customers”;
• we pray for the permanent closure of brothels.

Reduction of Demand
All: O Lord we Pray for efforts to reduce the demand for
commercial sex:

Umfundisi :We pray for….
• the defeat of attempts to legalize prostitution in countries around the world;
• the overturn of laws that legalized prostitution in the Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand and certain districts of Australia;
• for the repeal of legalized in-door prostitution in Rhode Island, and the repeal of legalized prostitution in portions of Nevada;
• for the success and development of ministries which help people
plagued with sexual addictions;
• for counter-cultural movements opposing the normalization of pimping and prostitution;
• for God to convict the hearts of traffickers, pimps and the “customers” and to transformtheir lives, as in the example of John Newton who turned from his life as a slave trader after coming to the faith.

All: O Lord, we Pray for the development of impoverished
nations so that the peoples in such countries may know a decent standard of living, have meaningful education and employment opportunities, and thus escape the desperate circumstances that
make people vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.

World Leaders
All: O Lord, we Pray for world leaders, that they will
confront sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation by dedicating their time and energy and national resources
to eradicating it.

The Church
All: O Lord, we Pray for the church and its response to
sex trafficking and commercial sexual

Umfundisi: We pray…
• for more Christian aid workers to establish and administer recovery homes for survivors of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, as well as programsto rescue victims;
• for the church, its members and leaders, to remain sexually pure — that they not become the perpetrators or consumersof abuse in any form;
• for increased networking and cooperation among Christian groups working on this issue;
• for the strength, fortitude, and vision of Christians working to address this issue.

For a new semester
Umfundisi: Dear Lord:
We are here today as it were, between the past and the future, a past semester still fresh in our memories and a new semester radiant with the hues of hope and imagination.
Be with our university and college trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and our student as we begin this new semester. Grant our students patience to study, openness to learn, and energy to take care of themselves by living balanced lives in You. Guide each of them to grow more deeply in Your love.
All: O Lord,
Grant each of us your strength, so we will have courage in every situation;
Grant each of us your love, so we will never give up on anybody;
Grant each of us your wisdom, so we will show others the path to success;
Grant each of us your mercy, so we will forgive those who hurt us;
Grant each of us your vision, so we will find the best in everybody;
Grant each of us your hope, so we will never give up;
Grant each of us your joy, so we will be thankful for all the blessings and privileges You have showered upon us;
And Grant us your grace to succeed in You this semester. Amen

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