Easter Baskets: Alumni support local community

For the twelfth year, the Northeast Indiana Alumni Directors Consortium (NIADC) is seeking wrapped Easter baskets to be given to the children of SCAN clients SCAN stands for Stop Child Abuse and Neglect. The organization serves thousands of children throughout the Fort Wayne region.

SCAN is an organization created to eliminate the abuse and neglect of children through family services, education and community partnerships. Rick Carder, the Director of Alumni Relations at Indiana Wesleyan University has been participating in this effort and has been looking forward to this fifth year of contributing. Carder states that “last year, we were able to give over 1,500 Easter baskets to children through SCAN.”

With the partnership of the Alumni Association and the IWU staff of the Regional Education Center, IWU is able to provide many baskets. It is exciting for students of the College of Adult and Professional Studies to participate. Becoming involved with this activity would be great for families, church groups, your office, scout troops, and more.

Ten Fort Wayne area colleges and universities join forces each Easter to collect more than 1,500 baskets for these children. “With the partnership of the Alumni Association and the IWU staff of the Regional Education Center,” says Carder, “IWU is able to provide many baskets.”

Make a donation to support this worthy effort today. Contact Rick Carder, Alumni Relations Director at 765-677-2110. The baskets must be commercially packaged (nothing homemade) and your entire basket should be wrapped so that nothing falls out.

Nathan Smith, Administrative Assistant, invites alumni. “We hope to have many join us at the IWU Spirit Night at the Chick-fil-A.” Chick-fil-A at Jefferson Pointe in Fort Wayne the benefactor. The IWU Spirit Night is March 20th from 5-7 PM. Proceeds benefit SCAN, a worthwhile effort.

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