Easter Basket Team Provide For 300 Children and SCAN

Three Church (Fairmount, Jonesboro. & Westview Wesleyan) and 10 volunteers partner with IWU alumni and package 300 Easter Baskets. Filled with shoes, shirts, and candy this year’s project completed over 13 years in helping to provide well over 1,500 baskets for local communities as well as Fort Wayne’s Stop Child Abuse Now needy children.

“We want to change lives and bless children,” says Janelle Randolph who led the local efforts. Janelle has worked to gather volunteers and gather materials from local businesses like CVS Pharmacy to benefit local Marion children. Included in the baskets are personalized materials, candy, toys, and shoes.

“Those who participated in this project are making a big difference in children” Reports Rick Carder, Director of IWU Alumni. “This is how we reflect the values and mission of the Alumni Relations Office and the IWU Alumni Association” Carder continues.

The volunteers serve proudly.


This project is also partnered with Fort Wayne Colleges and Universities as part of the Northeast Indiana Alumni Directors Consortium {NIADC}. Nearly 1,500 Baskets were delivered to SCAN in Fort Wayne.


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