Celebration of a final class

Often I will have the opportunity to visit the final class of a cohort group that meets at one of our education centers who are finishing the adult degree program. We have many who have graduated through education centers and online degrees as well as through the traditional education at the Marriott campus.

There’s nothing more exciting than to witness students of all ages as they complete their last class presentation. I’ve attended many of these throughout the years. The enthusiasm and joy filled the room as smiling faces and high-fives are seen in each classroom.

One student described this experience by saying,

Finishing this degree has made me a better person than when I began this journey. It has strengthened my faith, my family, and my profession.

Recently a student who graduated from her Associates Degree Who went on to finish a batch this degree set me a message saying,

I’m excited about finishing my second degree from IWU. I still have your business card and Alumni pin that I received when the alumni Association visited my class.

There are many stories and expressions of pride among our alumni from both the traditional and nontraditional programs.


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