Story of Redemption – Keith Blackburn Shares His Story in Upcoming Chapel


Keith Blackburn is a 2013 graduate of the Masters of Divinity whose story is that of a redeemed life that now reconciles others to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Serving as a chaplain with the Indiana Department of Correction he now uses his story of redemption to help others. His story begins before his degree from IWU but his degree through IWU helps him to be a more effective communicator and chaplain especially since his story has become popular.

Having been featured on TV shows like Oprah to tell his story has been an opportunity to be a World Changer through a national audience.

In a recent conversation I held with Keith he said;

“I am blessed to be an alum of an institution that is truly a World Changer. Indiana Wesleyan University demonstrated the grace of God in a real and tangible way in my life. My experience with IWU goes beyond the Seminary, I was welcomed on campus with open arms and my past did not hinder my educational pursuits.”

To view his story:

When asked about the impact of IWU helping him develop his ministry he replied,

“The community of Faith on campus walked along side of me as the Lord was continuing to unfold my testimony of his love and grace. My experience with IWU goes way beyond just a degree and the class room. God has blessed me with relationships that have transformed me in ways that I do not fully understand at this time.”

Keith will be speaking during Chapel on November 6th, 10 am & 11 am on the Campus of Indiana Wesleyan University.

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