Newly Introduced – Student Author For IWU Alumni Blog

Nowadays, students at IWU are presented with three questions nearly every time they meet someone new. What is your name? What is your major? And where are you from? Since this is my first time meeting you all, I’ve decided I should probably answer these questions.

My name is Hannah. I am currently a freshman here at IWU, and I love it! I am studying to be a high school Spanish teacher (one of maybe ten total on the whole campus) with a TESOL minor (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Finally, I call the beautiful city of Grand Rapids, MI, home (It was recently named the number one place to visit and I would highly recommend you taking a trip there at some point in your life). Some professors will make you add an interesting fact about yourself to the whole spiel; mine is that I love dogs. I have always owned a dog, and haven’t gone longer than a few weeks without one.

Now, I’m sure you must be asking why a current student would be writing for an alumni blog. The answer to that question is simple. I work in the Alumni Relations Office as a student worker, which means I get to tackle whatever task may be thrown my way. However, it’s not a bad thing, as no day is exactly the same as the others and I work with some great people. Besides that, I get to see a different side to IWU that many students do not see until after they graduate. My latest assignment is getting to contribute to this blog and allow you all a student’s insight into what is going on here at your alma mater. Perhaps my contemplations will stir up memories of when you were on campus—spending time with friends, getting involved in organizations, going to chapel and, of course, those lovely things called classes. For now I’ll say adios, until next time!

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