Communicating the IWU Spirit in the Workplace and Throughout the World.

World Changer in Comics!

This week you may have noticed as you thumb through the newspaper comic-strips a bit of a message branded IWU. You may have seen the Hi & Lois comic strip and may in fact be one of your favorites as I know it is one of mine. It is a favorite not only because of the content that it represents but also because of my love for Indiana Weslyan University.

Eric Reaves graduate of 1988 has been drawing pictures practically his whole life. The most recent years he is one of the main contributors to a comic strip that we all have come to enjoy, Hi & Lois. If you go to their main webpage you will read biographical information of The Creators of this comic strip and read a bit about an alum that is doing extraordinary things through his God-given talent. “Eric started out his career as a high school teacher, followed by a position as a Creative Director for a top apparel manufacturer. There he created artwork for Disney, Warner Bros., Nintendo, Barbie and several other top brands. In 1994 he began cartooning professionally.” Having several distinctions and honors has placed him in a very unique opportunities to express his creative side as well representing a World Changer. Honored as the 2007 Hoosier State Press Associations Editorial Cartoonist of the Year, Eric’s editorial cartoons have appeared in the many Newspapers as well as other publications.

He is served as an assistant cartoonist for the comic strip, Garfield, from 1994 until joining Browne Creative Enterprises. A local hometown hero of sorts however he has raised the attention of Indiana Wesleyan as well.

You may notice the subtlety get it stands out to me that Eric’s love for the University, his alma mater has been crafted into the comic strip.

Again quoting from The Creators of Hi & Lois, “In 2009 he began helping Chance Browne draw the Hi & Lois comic strip to join forces with Brown Creator Enterprises full-time and 2012. Having been a lifelong fan of Dik Brown’s art, Eric describes drawing Dik’s character as, “a humbling, yet daily thrill!”

You may wonder how being a World Changer can enter into the commonplace, like work, yet Eric makes it look easy. He weaves his comics into, at times, political satire yet also giving opportunity to express his love and appreciation for the heritage and legacy as an Indiana Wesleyan grad. “Sharing with others your love for your alma mater can be woven in every opportunity that you have,” says Rick Carder, Director of Alumni Relations. “I love hearing in promoting the stories of our alumni. They are what best reflects the mission of this wonderful institution.” Eric encourages all of us to reflect the very essence and heritage of this fine institution called Indiana Wesleyan University.

Further demonstrating his commitment to IWU, on occasion Eric is an adjunct faculty at Indiana Wesleyan University. He and his wife of over 25 years have five children. One of his children, Cody is a graduate of IWU from 2013. Recently his wife Lori has joined the faculty at Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion Campus. She earned her Doctorate of Social Work from Capella University.

Images used with permission by King Features Syndicate
Hi & Lois


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