One Man – Making a Difference in His Hometown

Alum of IWU, Francis Mustapha makes a difference in his hometown – Madina village of Sierra Leone, West Africa. Growing up he wanted to make a difference but did not know how or when. Story of a Dedicated Educator

Francis shares his story with a small group of alumni at the Fort Wayne Education Center. He shares that one person, an educated nurse made a difference for him so he is returning to his hometown to build a school and provide education for generations to follow.

Telling the story of the little boy (from the Bible) who only had two fish and loaf of bread and because Jesus blessed it they were able to feed 5,000. Determined to make a difference and see his vision realized, he partnered with local churches and people who gave just enough for the project he determined to complete. Each time he returned to his village he had the funds to complete the project they set out to complete. “This happened over-and-over again (nearly) ever six months” comments Mustapha. “The Lord provided just what was needed.”

Since 2011 the projects have been completed. “Years of greed, selfishness and corruption have left the country with no moral conscience. We cannot get anywhere working with the adults who are corrupt. We have to start with the adults of the futureā€¦the children.” says Mustapha. “Much has been invested in this country so we cannot loose heart or give up!” He does not plan to walk away. He further comments, “When you feel like giving up you look to your children he says. This will change this nation!”

His challenge to his listeners is that we should not give up when there are obsticles. “Our hope is that we educate children in moral conscience and service” says Mustapha.

“It has always been my dream to start a school there!” – Mustapha

Some facts: Education has declined drastically in recent past.
1,270 primary schools were destroyed in civil war from 1992-2001.
Sixty-seven percent of children were out of school in 2001.
Two-thirds of the adults population is illiterate.

In September, 2013 the school was opened and provided education to 270 children.

Francis Mustapha will be inducted as Alumni World Changer in the Spring of 2015.

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  1. God bless you Francis! May God continue to provide for you, Madina village and keep all evil forces away from you!!
    Your old friend and soccer teammate – Ed ; >) (Remember – kiss, kiss, kiss!!)

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