Student Perspective – Kaileigh McCann’s Story

Here at the Alumni House, we have been blessed to have some amazing student workers. They work behind the scenes to help us put on events, such as homecoming, and to keep the office running day-to-day. Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring the stories of each of our student workers. To start, Junior Kaileigh McCann will share her experiences at IWU and in the Alumni House.

Over 800 miles traveled, and 7 college visits in 3 days, I was finally ready to make one of the most important decisions about my future.

I could say that it was the beauty of the campus, or how impactful the chapel service was on my personal faith that made me choose to come to Indiana Wesleyan University. Those things probably added to my experience at IWU that led to my ultimate decision, but there was no way that IWU could have marketed itself to me any better that would have affected my decision. I chose to attend IWU because I had an overwhelming sense of peace and belonging as soon as I arrived on campus. (Later, I found out that my parents were also experiencing the same feeling.) It could seem cheesy to say, but I believe that God led me to come to IWU. Many of the other schools I visited seemed to be only Christian in name rather than practice. At IWU, the authentic spirit of Christian community can be felt by everyone on campus. This authentic feeling and God’s presence helped me both feel at home and at peace about my decision to come to IWU.

Fast-forward three years and one major change later, my name is Kaileigh and I am a junior Business Administration and Marketing double major at IWU. I love being a part of the Business division. There is a fantastic group of professors that genuinely care about their students and their future at IWU and in the job field.

I have worked in the Alumni/Church Relations office since freshman year. It was daunting as a freshman to be over 6 hours from home with no friends or contacts already at IWU. Thankfully, I applied for a job and met the wonderful people who work in the Church Relations and Alumni Office. Not just because I have made a lot of friends, I enjoy being a part of the Alumni Office because it is so important to connect IWU’s present to its past in order to have future success.

At the beginning of October, I had the pleasure of being able to participate in Homecoming as both a part of the Alumni Office and the Student Alumni Association (SAA). Each alumna has a unique and important story to tell not only about their time at IWU, but how IWU continues to affect them. Through the Alumni Office and SAA, I have the ability hear those stories and share them with other current students. Being able to interact with alumni and learn how they have shaped the school’s legacy inspires me to continue to pursue excellence in the hope that one day I could also affect the school and the surrounding world like they have.


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