Living Uncommonly – Todd Rhoad ’05

With three graduate degrees and fourteen years of higher education, Business Consultant Todd Rhoad could easily have chosen to climb the corporate ladder. Instead, he decided to live an uncommon life and pursue business with an intentional Christian perspective. Mr. Rhoad, the founder and CEO of BT Consulting in Atlanta, Georgia, articulated that the business world can be a challenging work environment, often tempting people to compromise their ethics in pursuit of their personal advancement. (BT is short of Blitz Team.) While completing his Master’s degree in Business Administration, ’05 IWU alumni Rhoad states that he was challenged to look at business in a different light. He remembers that professors routinely asked him and his peers to consider the question “what would Jesus do?” when looking at a difficult situation. At the time, this expression seemed cliché, but Rhoad expressed that this mindset was fundamental in shaping his professional outlook. Suddenly, he was able to approach work with a brighter perspective; instead of simply pursuing his career advancement, he was able to focus on serving his clients and working to meet their needs.

Todd Rhoad imageA byproduct of this mindset shift, Rhoad established a career consulting firm in 2010 with the expressed goal of “putting compassion back into business.” BT Consulting offers a plethora of career services, intended to meet professionals at every phase of their development. Services are varied and range from career coaching, networking strategies, mobile app development, to business development and startup assistance. In the future, Rhoad states that he hopes to see BT Consulting working closely with IWU graduates, helping them to develop as professionals. Additionally, Mr. Rhoad would like to see his company partner with IWU students and Alumni to provide professional support and services around the globe. In what is stereotypically a competitive and cutthroat workplace, Rhoad is committed to approaching the business world from an uncommon perspective and developing professionals with their best interests in mind.

Todd has provided alumni with training opportunities and offers his services to IWU alumni who wish to expand their network. You may also go to our IWU Alumni Linked-In Group to view his discussions.

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Written by Katherine Arch, Story Teller for Alumni Relations. Katherine Arch is a Junior English major at Indiana Wesleyan, and a member of the Track and Cross Country teams. She is passionate about sharing people’s stories and celebrating their divine potential in written form.

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