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The MBA cohort in Cincinnati started a business and is now recruiting new members. The company is called MBA Cincinnati, which stands for “Masters Beyond Academics.” They officially became an incorporated business in October of 2014 and are currently working on getting chartered by the state of Ohio.

MBAMBA Cincinnati is a non-profit business that coordinates community work projects. They want to assist in developing their community and supporting those in school. Their mission is: “A Christ centered organization where current students and alumni serve the community to create global change while building leadership and character.”

Tenola Oliver, ’15 graduate, is the President of the organization. “We decided to build the program because we were off campus and we were missing the experience,” she said. She mentioned that in Dayton, they offer many scholarships and activities, and they wanted to offer those to the West Chester campus as well. They are specifically supporting the scholarship fund in Indiana Wesleyan University’s DeVoe School of Business.

Their most recent project involved raising money to donate to a widow so she and her four children could eat a family Christmas dinner. “Our next project we are putting together is to work with a non-profit that fights against sex trafficking. She has had a hard time getting her program up and running, so we would like to help,” Oliver said.

She believes that her and her fellow MBA graduates can create a start up kit so this woman can market and fund-raise for her non-profit. Their goal is to create an outline for her that lays out the structure and flow of a successful business.

MBA Cincinnati’s vision is: “To create a global organization where students are empowered through consulting services, networking, and mentoring.” They would eventually love to see an MBA cohort in Dayton, Cincinnati and Indianapolis and to see a charter in each city.

The criteria to be a member is as follows:

  • Current student and/or graduate of MBA cohorts
  • From the West Chester and/or Dayton campuses
  • A passion for service within these communities
  • Well rounded individual who is a team player
  • 2 recommendation letters from current IWU staff/faculty

To contact MBA Cincinnati with questions, donations, or encouragement, email or


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