Wesley Seminary – Father & Son Story

Father & Son Graduating Together - December 2014
Father & Son Graduating Together – December 2014

Stories of success are exciting and especially when they include a father and son!  Mike Colaw is pastor of the Trinity Wesleyan Church on the North-side of Indy while his father,  is pastoring in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. They completed their degrees together December, 2014. This is a thank you letter to Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University.

From Mike Colaw: Father and son.  As you grow older it’s easy to find yourself too busy to connect with your parents.  Full time job, kids, the routine of life alone can make even a quick phone call back home difficult.  A few years ago I mentioned to my dad that I was going to start my master’s and he decided to join me just for the opportunity to do it together.  It has been an outstanding journey!  Honestly, I am kind of sad it’s over.  The last couple of years I have been on the phone with my dad more than any of my adult years previous.  After a few years of talking deep theology, philosophy, and leadership through Wesley Seminary, I truly am a better person.  Not just because of my education, but also because of a much richer relationship with my dad.  Master’s, done.  An even better relationship with my dad, just beginning.

Thanks IWU and Wesley Seminary for an outstanding education!

Mike Colaw

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  1. I have known you both thru the years. Congrats to both of you. Mike knows me thru Margaret Christner.

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