Life and Legacy: Marian Noggle

Marian Francis Tescher Noggle, 1935 graduate of Marion College, now Indiana Wesleyan University, was celebrated for her life and legacy during her recent funeral.

Untitled2Many family and friends received condolences as well as much encouragement by all attendees regarding Marian’s eternal positive spirit. She was recognized as an optimistic woman who never stopped smiling.

At 101 years young, Marian made a deep impact on many lives. Born Oct 11, 1914, she never moved more than one mile from here birthplace. There, Marian left her legacy of a Christ-centered life full of love that still impacts people world-wide. Recently her family celebrated her by planning her 100-year birthday where nearly 125 people attended from 8 states.

Many stories were shared about her life and legacy. She once shared that her earliest recollection was that of a parade when she was about four years old. This was a remarkable event because it culminated in a celebration in Noblesville at the end of World War I. Another memory was when she was fourteen years old and she was granted permission to get her drivers license before most. She remembered driving at the young age to Lapel High School, and she held that driving permit for 82 more years.

Several family members commented that they were always corrected and encouraged to use proper English whenever speaking or writing. Marian represented proper English for 38 years in her profession. She proudly served as a teacher in three high schools in Madison and Hamilton County. Practicing the precepts of Christian values and speaking proper English was her value.

Most of all, Marian was a woman of God. She chose her life verse at the age of five years old and truly kept it for life. Matthew 5:8 reads, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”


Marian was honored during homecoming a few years ago as part of the chapel service. As the only remaining member of the class of 1935, she proudly attended her 75th class reunion. The Dean of the Chapel, Dr. Jim “Umfundisi” Lo, introduced Marian to the student body of IWU. In her usual style, she grabbed the microphone and proceeded to share her words of wisdom. The students gave her a standing ovation, and to this day, students remember her.

A scholarship at IWU was created to memorializeher uncle, the late Walter Thompson, President of the Indiana Conference of the Wesleyan Church. Thompson led development of Fairmount Bible School to form the creation of what is now Indiana Wesleyan University. At that time, the educational opportunities extended beyond Bible and ministry preparation to include training teachers. It was her uncle who encouraged her to pursue a degree in teaching.

Marian Noggle is a cousin to the late Howard (Mr. Marion College) and Marie Noggle for which the Noggle Christian Ministry Center is named.

Marian was known for writing poems. The following is one such palm that was shared during her memorial service.


I’m Going Home

Marian Noggle (2003)

In any language or tongue or pen,

There are no sweeter words than when,

We smile as a trying day comes to an end,

I’m going Home.

The school boy or girl after a busy, busy day,

Breathes a happy sigh, puts his work away,

I’m going Home.

To feed security and to be with your own,

Home’s warmth surrounds you, you’re no longer alone,

The love felt melts any heart of stone,

I’m going Home.

Attracting me always are those foreign strands,

Those intriguing names of faraway lands,

I’ll no longer trample on those golden sands,

I’m going Home.

Life’s journey’s been good with its joys and tears,

But a better world waits after these busy years,

Our hope is sure, it’s the end of our fears,

I’m going Home.

In our wildest imagination of what lies beyond,

The Holly Writ is clear, there’s a glorious dawn,

Past those blue skies and starts and on and on,

I’m going Home.

Troubling clouds are rising bringing fear to all,

Some troubling events man cannot forestall,

But holding to God’s had, we can’t fall,

I’m going Home.

Life’s toils are over, the goal is in sight,

Forgotten the struggles, all is now right,

At the end of the tunnel, we see a great light,

I’m going Home.

Don’t grieve for me, I’ve gone to that shore,

Where friends and loved ones have gone on before,

Our Savior is here, we’re safe evermore,

I’m going Home.

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