Executive Christian Roundtable Inaugural Event

Thres BriggsThis April, the IWU Alumni Association will be hosting an inaugural event, the Executive Christian Roundtable, a gathering of dynamic professionals, committed to living out their faith in the workplace.

IWU Alumni and President & Chief Performance Officer of Performance 3, LLC, Thresette Briggs, will facilitate the event. Thresette’s management consulting firm focuses on speaking, coaching and training services to help leaders and team build the competency and capacity necessary to achieve high performance. Thresette also serves on the Alumni Association Board as CAPS Representative and is passionate about providing individuals who attend the event with the support to excel spiritually in their profession and in the community.

The roundtable will feature an IWU Alum, who was selected because he is respected in the community for not only business leadership, but for also integrating his faith in business leadership. “Alumni from Indiana Wesleyan understand the faith-based community of college experience and this roundtable event is meant to provide the same sense of spiritual support in a professional setting,” Thresette explained. She hopes that this roundtable series will encourage participants to continue living out their faith, and that they will seek additional opportunities to demonstrate their faith in business and in the community, as followers of Jesus Christ.

Thresette identified the core purpose of the roundtable as a way to, “inspire alums, to share faith-based insight and to be encouraged by an alum who attributes success to [his] faith.” To increase the success of the inaugural event, participants will include Alums who are actively participating in alumni events, as well as long-term supporters. “We invited individuals that are interested in this project and are ready to engage in it,” Thresette shared. “In the future we might grow the size of the group, but this is still a trial run.”

“We want to create an environment that will give attendees the opportunity to discuss and celebrate the important work they are doing, while staying true to their faith. We want to empower them to continue that work,” Thresette added. “And a smaller number of participants will facilitate development of a sense of community within the group.”

The Executive Christian Roundtable is scheduled to be a semi-annual event, and aligns with the Alumni Association’s mission that includes building community. “Through dialogue between individuals at the event we hope to help them stay engaged and build community between events,” said Thresette. “We hope that through this event, we can empower them to live out their faith boldly, and be who God has designed them to be.”

Rick Carder, Director of Alumni and Church Engagement said of this event, “It has been a pleasure to work with Thresette preparing this event. I am excited to see how God uses this time and what opportunities He opens for spiritual growth among the Alumni family.”

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