Influencing Those With Influence through Political Marketing

By: Emily Lehner


“There is a number of examples in Scripture in which God uses others because they were able to be influential over those with power.”

-Kurt Luidhardt


Kurt and Kristen Luidhardt are strong believers that their business, The Prosper Group, can be used as a bridge to those in the public eye.

Kurt Luidhardt



As Political Science major graduates (‘01) from Indiana Wesleyan University, they were heavily involved in school campaigns and organizations. Kurt founded The College Republicans Club. With this club, they attended political events, and volunteered for campaigns and invited many key speakers to campus.


The Luidhardts currently own and operate their own business in Greenwood, Indiana called Prosper Group. This organization helps clients develop digital strategies for political campaigns. The husband/wife team now manage political campaigns and split responsibilities in the workplace.


An example of the texting donation service the Prosper Group offers.

Upon graduation, The Luidhardts began their own business called The Prosper Group. One of their current clients just so happens to be Ted Cruz. The group helped Cruz use a text donation system to receive campaign money.  Prosper Group also is involved in political races all over the country and serves a wide variety of candidates. They build websites, help with online fundraising and advertising and manage social media, and web presences of candidates. See more of their work and clients by clicking here


In the midst of aiding candidates with their campaign journey, the Luidhardts use their faith in God to make a difference in the workplace. “Everyday, we are in the position to influence people with influence. We have access to and sometimes personal relationships with those in the eye of the public,” Kurt Luidhardt said. “This is a unique platform to set an example and influence decision making and guide them towards a more godly course.”



kristen luidhardt
Kristen Luidhardt

While they definitely see influence as a benefit, the Luidhardts also acknowledge their roles as business owners and employers. “We have eighteen to twenty people that rely on us for their bi-weekly pay checks. They are looking for someone to treat them right, so we put much emphasis on being people of character, treating them fairly, helping them out when they encounter hard times and being flexible when needed.”



They also have the opportunity to share their faith with their employees. “I am so passionate about the people who work for us. We always have an opportunity to witness to clients, but honestly, I enjoy impacting and influencing our employees most. We can set good examples of Christianity through how we treat each other and how we run our company,” said Kristen Luidhardt.


The Luidhardts’ dedication to impacting those not just in their sphere of influence, but nationally, is profound. Even though their action is mostly behind-the-scenes during this election time for our nation, it is extremely important. In the midst of great uncertainty for our nation regarding the election, The Luidhardts are dedicated to being a present force of hope and faith, which God most certainly includes in His call to all Christians.



Emily Lehner is a writer for the Alumni Center, and is a first year Writing major. She is active on the cross country and track teams. She is passionate about using her writing skills to share the good news of Christ with others and writes often on her personal blog at Her blog includes personal trials, triumphs, and devotion style writing. 

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