Rob Pelance: Make the Most of IWU’s Opportunities

By: Dezaray Barr

Rob Pelance, photo obtained from Facebook

Rob Pelance graduated from IWU in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in technical theatre and a minor in business administration. Pelance currently serves as a sales engineer at Sweet Water Sound in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he sells musical equipment. He also owns a recording studio, Duir Tree Studios, where he works part time. Pelance is currently in the process of developing a business, Mix Matcher, where independent musicians can contact recorders within their specific budgets.

After graduating, Pelance was able to land a job managing the East Coast Rental Division of Vincent Lighting Systems. “People talk about how it is hard to get prestigious jobs unless you go to prestigious, large universities,” Pelance said. “But it’s really not, as long as you take advantage of the opportunities your university provides you with.”

Because IWU created an atmosphere with many experiences and opportunities available, and because he took advantage of those opportunities while a student, Pelance has been able to work on major motion pictures, television show networks and large band national tours since graduating from IWU.

“One of the greatest things about being in the theatre department at IWU is that it’s so small I can do a lot of things. I worked on 19 productions at IWU,” Pelance said. “After graduating I had a lot of first hand experience that impressed employers…. Other universities keep things segmented, but IWU doesn’t do that. They allow you to expand from your own little niche.”

From his own experience, Pelance encourages students to take advantage of opportunities and get as much experience outside their discipline as possible. “Learn the basics of as many connected disciples as you can,” he said.

He encourages students to not learn things in left field, but learn about skills and professions close to their own. When working with people who are directly doing the things you know a little bit about, you can have a better understanding of what they are doing and can work better with them.

Pelance encourages students to get as much experience as they can right now, while at IWU, “Do as much in your field, while you’re studying, as you physically can.” Because Pelance was so involved, he witnessed the seeds grow after his graduation, and he desires the same for current IWU students.

Pelance says that Greg Fiebig was hands down his favorite professor. “He was not just a professor, but like a father to me in college,” Pelance said.

When Pelance was a freshman, Fiebig made a point to get to know him personally and invited him to McConn. While at McConn, Fiebig discovered that Pelance had lost his father at a young age, and immediately became a father-figure, mentor and close friend of Pelance. Fiebig even had the opportunity to marry Pelance and his wife, Alyse Kesler, now Pelance, in November of 2010.

The theatre department has actually called Pelance back to guest design some lightening for some sets of production.


Written by Dezaray Barr, PR Specialist for the Alumni Office. Dezaray is a Sophomore Strategic Communication and Honors Humanities double major at Indiana Wesleyan University in the John Wesley Honors College. At IWU Dezaray is involved in PRSSA leadership and runs both the JWHC Blog and her own blog. Visit Dez’s website at

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