Campus Intercessor, Dr. Jim Lo: December Prayer E-Letter

IWU Prayer Letter – December – 2017

Provided by Jim “Umfundisi” Lo, IWU Campus Intercessor and Professor of Religion.

Dear Prayer Partners,

I thought I would start off by sharing words of encouragement with you. God loves you.hears your prayers. cares for you and will answer your needs for help. Yesterday I needed God to encourage my heart.

I love listening to God stories. He used a story last night to encourage me.

Susan has been ministering to a needy family which a week ago was homeless, living in their car. They just moved into a duplex without furniture. Different ones in the community were donating some basic furniture for them to have and use. They needed one more bed. Susan found a bed for them but had no truck to transport it. She had tried different ones to see if they could help, but each shared they couldn’t. Susan was feeling sad that part of the family would have to sleep on the floor that night. She was ready contact the family with this news when the thought hit her, ” I should pray about this.”…after which the phone rang with the voice on the other side indicated that he would be able to help with her transport need. That night the members of this once homeless family had beds to sleep in. Coincidence? I think not! God heard… God cared…. God answered.

My heart is full of faith that our God loves us. cares for us.and He will answer our needs for help. Be encouraged in the Lord!


As I was walking the campus this morning in an attitude of prayer my eyes feasted upon the beauty of many Christmas lights. A ‘caution’ then hit me- I pray that Christmas lights will never overshadow Christ’s Light.

Thank you for praying for IWU. Your willingness to stand the GAP is a great blessing to our community.

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Thank you so much for your partnership in prayer.

Allow me to share some prayer requests: Please pray…
  • …for our students as they travel home.

– That they will have safe traveling mercies.

– Some of them are entering into scenarios that are not pleasant. That God will be close to them.

– Students in my class on Evangelism and Discipleship are being challenged to share the Gospel message sometime during the break.

  • …for faculty and staff that we will continue to rely upon God;s strength to accomplish our “task” of teaching and equipping.
  • …for Dr. David Wright and his wife, Helen – They will sense God’s continual guidance and support.
  • …for Dr. Colleen Derr as she leads Wesley Seminary and for Dr. Abson Joseph as he enteres into the role of Dean of the Seminary.
  • …for our leaders and their teams:

– Chancellor – National and Global, Dr. Matt Lucas.

– Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Mr. Stacy Hammons.

– VP for Operations, Residential Campus, Mr. John Jones.

– VP of Business Affairs, Mrd. Nancy Schoonmaker.

– VP of University Advancement, Dr. Chris Young.

– VP of Multicultural Enrichment, Mrs. Diane McDaniel.

– VP John Jones as he takes on the interim Chancellor role for the Residential Campus.

  • …for Athletics Director, Coach Mark DeMichael and our athletic coaches who are helping to shape IWU athletes to be spiritual leaders.
  • …for Dr. Eddy Shigley as he leads the Kern Ministry Program.
  • …for Dr. John Bray, Dean of the Chapel.
  • …for Mr. Michael Flanagin, Division Chair, as he leads the Music Department and directs the band.
  • …for this Christmas season to be truly a Christ-filled one.
  • …For Christ to be glorified!

Also, how can I be praying for you? If you have any requests I can join you in praying about please send them to alumni@indwes .edu. Blessings to you and thank you for your partnership in prayer.

Your prayers are making a difference. Thank you for lifting up these needs. Feel free to share them with your church family. Encourage others to join this quarterly prayer e-newsletter by sending an email to asking to join the Prayer Newsletter.

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Rev. Dr. Jim “Umfundisi” Lo+

IWU Campus Intercessor – Professor of Religion | Indiana Wesleyan University

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