Public Relations alum: Molly Harrington

By: Noelle Beans

Molly Harrington

Molly Harrington graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) in 2015 with a degree in Public Relations. She grew up in the Wesleyan Church, so Wesleyan universities were always on her radar. Her sister attended IWU, so she had the chance to visit and get to know the campus while her sister pursued her degree. When it came time for her to visit colleges, Harrington followed her older sister’s footsteps. She personally felt at home at IWU, because it felt like a good fit.

As a student, Harrington became involved in Student Government Association, a few different jobs and eventually became a Diversity Coordinator for Martin Hall. Through these activities, opportunities and positions, she was led to a great group of friends as well as a well-rounded community.

Within the IWU community, Harrington grew spiritually. The fact that she was now on her own, no longer under her parents, had a significant effect on her. Harrington said, “I needed to learn what and why I believe in things for myself.” It was a slow process, but through friends, classes and a new church, she did just that: wrestled with her faith and made it her own.

Additionally, Harrington grew academically as IWU’s communication classes gave her real life experience. She believes the Division of Communication & Theatre does a great job of connecting students with organizations and people in the community for projects. It gave her the opportunity to learn how to be a professional in a “safe environment.”

Harrington’s career is now as the Director of Scheduling (employed by the United House of Representatives) for Congressman Paul Mitchell of Michigan. She creates and maintains his daily schedule, travel plans and other office manager duties. Harrington said, “I am his gatekeeper.” She admits the intersection between faith and career can be tricky, but in her work she chooses to form her beliefs and views on things from her faith and defends them from that position.

Where Harrington is at now was never where she expected. Growing up, she always wanted to be an interior designer, and now she has found herself in politics. “It is okay if your first job out of college isn’t in your degree,” Harrington said. She is not working in the PR field, but she loves what she does and knows that she is getting experience. Lastly, Harrington encouragingly expressed for current students that, “You will eventually make it to the field you studied in, but you aren’t a failure if you don’t start there.”



Written by Noelle Beans, a writer for the Alumni Center. Noelle is a freshman Nursing and Honors Humanities double major at Indiana Wesleyan University in the John Wesley Honors College.

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