Welcome newest grads!


Graduation ceremonies began as a soaking experience with traditional grads. As the day progressed and saw dryer experiences with the weather, the newest alumni poured in as they celebrated in three ceremonies.


Cheers and applause lifted up as graduates lined up to begin each ceremony.

The Alumni Association congratulates our most recent alumni. Welcome to the family!


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2 Replies to “Welcome newest grads!”

  1. I will always remember my four years at IWU as a milestone in my life that was very instrumental in molding into the person God wants me to be.  I am excited to be able to connect with my classmates through this website.

  2. I was thrilled to have found IWU in 2010. I just graduated with a B.S. Business Information Systems and glad I chose to study here. I live in Utah and the class schedule was perfect for working FT and attending school. I recommend Indiana Wesleyan University.

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