A life well-lived.

We offer condolences to the family of Jaman Alan Iseminger, alumni of IWU.

In the words from an obituary:

“Jaman Alan Iseminger 29, departed the gravity of Earth and soared into the arms of Jesus Christ on Saturday, May 19, 2012. God called him into service early and called him into glory young. He leaves behind ‘the most important sermon we will ever hear” – his life. His passion was Christ, his heart loving, and his spirit joy.'”

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What a legacy we give tribute to! Jaman was tragically killed while serving in the ministry he lived. Tributes offered during the funeral today reflected a legacy of a Christ-centered life.

It was an honor today to attend the service and see how Jamen impacted his community.

We offer our deepest respect and prayers.

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