Are You Praying For IWU?

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Allow me to share a reality: There are times when it seems as though God is nowhere to be found. Students have come to tell me that sometimes they cannot feel God being near them. I have felt this way. Job, in the Old Testament, also felt this way. But in chapter 23 I was reminded that God is still “there”. That when I do not “feel” His presence I am to still closely follow His steps and keep His ways… I am not to depart from His commands and I am to still treasure His Word. Faith in God will allow me/us to eventually “come forth as gold”. (Thank you Lord for this reminder)

Pray for…

  • our students to stay focused on God even in the midst of Finals week.
  • our graduates as they seek for employment/ ministry opportunities.
  • safe traveling mercies as students leave the IWU campus for the Summer.
  • those who are traveling to other countries to serve, teach, minister and encourage.
  • God to lead ‘us’ to the right person to be the next Dean of the Chapel (I will be heading back to the classroom next year as well as serve in the role of “University/Campus Pastor”).
  • those who will be entering into less than ideal situations after Spring semester; that they will sense God walking with them.
  • IWU’s conference service team. (this summer IWU will be hosting thousands of visitors).
  • the hundreds of high school students who made spiritual responses during IWU’s Fusion youth conference. Pray that they will grow in their relationship with the Lord.
  • IWU student ministry teams as they minister at camps and conferences.
  • students to be led to enroll at IWU where they can be equipped to serve God in a hurting world.

Thank you so much for your ministry of prayer. I love the words of William Law when he wrote, “He who has learned to pray has learned the greatest secret of a holy, happy and productive life.”

Rev. Dr. Jim “Umfundisi” Lo+

Dean of the Chapel- Professor of Religion

Indiana Wesleyan University

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One Reply to “Are You Praying For IWU?”

  1. Reverendo Dr Jim Umfundisi Lo

    Estimado reverendo, le saludo agradeciendo a Dios por su vida y por su trabajo en en este ministerio.

    Escribo solo para pedir se incluya en los motivos de oración, el clamor de una madre que anhela en su corazón, que el Señor tenga dentro de sus escogidos a mi hijo adolescente de 15 años, oro desde ya para que el pueda ingresar a esta universidad cristiana. Espero que mi Señor disponga el corazón de mi hijo y permita la provisión para que pueda servirle al Señor .

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