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Wesleyan Life Magazine report on All-Star Alumni featuring IWU Graduates in this month’s summer edition. Wesleyan Colleges and Universities from across the U.S. and Canada boast many grads that are making a difference and they have highlighted two of our grads. Read Wesleyan Life Magazine for the articles that look at the lives of Ausin Bonds (’01, ’10) and Francis Mustapha (’72). Francis was recognizes at the 2015 Alumni World Changer inductee.

Austin Bonds Austin Bonds was featured in the IWU Alumni Blog for his ministry to needy family through Metro Relief reported in the IWU Alumni Blog. He shared in the IWU interview that while his parents loved him, “We were poor because of their choices that were addiction related.” His early life was difficult. In fact, his mother was murdered in 1997. Yet, in spite of this hardship, he was able to attend and graduate from college and launch a ministry that he runs today. He is the CEO and Founder of Metro Relief.


Francis Mustapha shared in his interview in the IWU Alumni Blog that in order to save Sierra Leone, education is key. He shared that “In the current generation, corruption is all they know… They’re not going to hear. So what do you do? You focus on the future. The children.” Francis’s lifelong dream was to return to Madina and build a school. In the 1990s, he planned to turn that dream into reality. Read a related article on the IWU Alumni Blog.

We are seeing many alumni of IWU work to make a difference in this world. Their commitment is what demonstrates our mission of to be Christ-like to make this world a better place.

*images used by permission of Wesleyan Life Magazine.


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