Remembrances of a Remarkable Man, Gale Richmond 

GaleHow can you recount the life of a man who served in remarkable ways? Lives that are invested in the hopes and dreams of individuals are undoubtedly rewarded by the many who would remark that such a person is a gift that cannot be expressed in mere words. Mr. Gale Richmond is such an individual which is celebrated by this entry in the IWU Alumni Blog. Though he was not an alum of IWU, Gale dedicated his life to recruiting and building life-long friends. His investment in the lives of college students has been his life work. Many have been impacted by his generosity of time well-spent.

Many would be shocked to learn of Gale untimely death. The many that have been influenced by his wit and wisdom have benefited from a life well-lived. He lived his life fully and his devotion to family and friends is reflected by the many who mourn his passing.

I personally have enjoyed the time that we spent together, working in the office together at Indiana Wesleyan University. The many times that Gale could be seen at special events, traveling with the University Chorale, and mentoring college students is the legacy he leaves with all who have encountered his grace and friendship. There were many times of laughter as he worked to build connections with people.

Gale especially would invest in the lives of students as he would work to shape their future. He offered advise that helped them know their life calling. He spent time listening and playing games with students that developed their character. He would offer ideas that bettered the lives of people and provide a Christ-centered answer when needed.

Gale served at Indiana Wesleyan University in enrollment with a specialty in Church Student Recruitment for many years as well as Oklahoma Wesleyan University. His last assignment with IWU was as Director of Church Relations.

The funeral for Gale is this week. Reflecting on all that Gale Richmond represented evokes laughter, joy, fond-memories, as well as tears. His life was lived representing IWU and his savior, Jesus Christ.

Details of the funeral are found here: Globe Funeral Chapel

Friends of Gale (may IWU alumni) have been posting to Facebook their stories and memories. Here are a few that have been posted.

“…I’ve known Gale for 45-plus years. Always kind, always supportive, always helpful but most of all, always faithful.” – Stephen Smithley.

“…We mourn here is Australia along with all who knew Gale.” – Andrew Snook.

“Sheila and I remember well Gale staying with us during his visit to Australia with a mission group…” – Geoffrey Snook.

“He was such an amazing and kind person. Always so encouraging to my family and always asked how we were doing.” – Marissa Oswald-Wright.

“Sorry to hear of Gale’s passing. He was a wonderful friend. So helpful to our family in making it possible for grandkids to attend IWU.” – Dr. Earle Wilson.

“Gale played a key role in recruiting me to IWU team back in 2000, and I was always grateful for than.” – Leornard Pellman.

“Gale was such an encouragement to Brian and I.” — Shannon and Brian Bradford.

“He so blessed our family. He was / is a hero!” – Dr. Jim Garlow, Senior Pastor at Skyline Wesleyan Church.

“He had a big hear for the young people, always. Every time we had a meet, he would always fill any role we needed. He was always a voice of encouragement to me and others.” – Rev. Mark Atkinson, Pastor at Eastview Wesleyan Church.

“What a joy-filled man of God who shared his you with many others.” – Rev. Thomas and Denise Schmidt, District Superintended of North Michigan Wesleyan Church.

“So sorry to hear this!” – Dr. David Wright, President of IWU.

“Truly a servant…” – Dr. Wayne Schmidt, General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church.

There were over 200 posts. Read more and share your thoughts here.

Singing at the annual IWU Day at Wesleyan Village at Brooksville-FL.







Picture – Gale singing at the annual IWU Day at Wesleyan Village at Brooksville-FL. Article written and posted by Rick Carder, Director of Alumni and Church Engagement.












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  1. Gale was an amazing man. He was my husbands first cousin. He was always so much fun to be around. Always joking about something. He could sure keep you laughing. It has been such a shock to our family that he has passed on. But one thing I know for sure is that he is now in the presence of our Lord. He will be greatly missed my many. Until we meet again…

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